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CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Online Classes and Video Lectures

Hi! If you are looking for the best CBSE business studies online classes, you have landed in the right place.

Vidya Setu class 12 business studies online course, covers all the topics from the NCERT as per the revised CBSE class 12 business studies Syllabus 2022-23. Vidyasetu conducts CBSE class 12 business studies online classes, live sessions, doubt sessions, revision videos, last month’s preparation video lectures, and more. The experienced faculty cover every topic from theclass 12 Commerce syllabusand explain it thoroughly with the help of examples and case studies. We guarantee your success; let’s start learning with Vidyasetu.

Vidya Setu (NCERT) CBSE Class 12 business studies video lectures help students easily acquire the concepts of the entire CBSE Class 12 business studies syllabus 2022-23 through PPTs, diagrams, and flowcharts. The Vidya Setu CBSE class 12 business studies video lectures are sufficient for class 12th students to come out with flying colours in the CBSE class 12 business studies Exam 2023. It also provides Business Studies Sample Papers with solutions for you to practice, which are linked below. Students can also find other study material likeCBSE class 12 BST notesNCERT solutions, and project work guidelines as well as class 12 Business studies Important Questions.

CBSE Business Studies class 12 paper is divided into two sections.

Section 1: It contains questions from Principles and Functions of management, with 60 marks.

Section 2: It contains questions from Business Finance and Marketing, which has 40 marks.

Vidya Setu (NCERT) CBSE Business studies class 12 online classes, Video lecture for CBSE class 12th commerce students provides videos of the entire CBSE Class 12 business studies syllabus 2022-23 through PPTs and live examples. The Vidya Setu CBSE business studies class 12 online classes are sufficient for class 12th students to come out with flying colours in the CBSE class 12th Business Studies Exam 2023.

Class 12 Business Studies Online Classes- What it Includes?

  • Live Class 12 business studies class 2022-23.
  • Free Live Business Studies Classes.
  • Live Interactive  Classes.
  • Live Classes 5 days a week.
  • Live Doubt Sessions.
  • Online Study Material Chapter-wise.
  • ‚Äč5 Revision Before Board Exams.
  • Master Concepts With Personalized Lessons and  Unlimited Practice Test.
  • Access From All Devices.
  • Download the APP For Free.
  • Business studies notes for class 12 CBSE.

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Video Lectures: Chapter-Wise

Business Studies

  • Subject – Business Studies
  • Lectures – 50+
  • Standard Class 12th
Nature and Significance of Management
Nature & Characteristics of Management
Nature & Significance of Management: Objectives
Importance of Management
Management As an Art, Science, Profession
Level of Management
Functions of Management
Nature of Coordination: Significance of Management
Importance of Coordination: Nature of Management
Principles of Management: The Concept
Lecture-11 – Principles of Management: Scientific ManagementLecture-12 – Fayol’s Principles of ManagementLecture-13 – Principles of Management: SignificanceLecture-14 – Principles of Management: Scientific Management
Lecture-15 – Principles of Management: Scientific ManagementLecture-16 – Fayol’s Principles of ManagementLecture -17 – Techniques of Management: Principles of ManagementLecture -18 – Matrices: Symmetric & Skew Symmetric Matrix
Lecture -19 – Fayol’s Principles of ManagementLecture -20 – Trick to Remember Fayol’s Principles of Management-2Lecture- 21- Fayol’s Principles of Management-3Lecture- 22- Trick to Remember Fayol’s Principles of Management-4
Lecture- 23- Trick to Remember Fayol’s Principles of Management-5Lecture- 24- Difference Between Fayol’s & Taylor Principles of Management3Lecture- 25- Multiple Choice Question: Principles of ManagementLecture- 26- Long Answer Question: Principles of Management
Lecture- 27- Business Environment: Meaning & ConceptLecture- 28- Business Environment: FeaturesLecture- 29- Importance of Business EnvironmentLecture- 30- Concept of Planning
Lecture- 31- Importance of PlanningLecture- 32- Features of PlanningsLecture- 33- Limitation of PlanningLecture- 34- Process of Planning
Lecture- 35- Types of PlansLecture- 36- Objective, Strategy & PolicyLecture- 37- Procedure, Rule & MethodLecture- 38- Difference between Single-Use Plans & Standing Plans
Lecture- 39- Short Answer QuestionLecture- 40- Long Answer QuestionLecture- 41- Organising: ConceptsLecture- 42- Organising: Steps or Process
Lecture- 43- Organising: ImportanceLecture- 44- Concept of Organisational StructureLecture- 45- Relation Between Span Of Management & Organisation StructureLecture- 46- Concept & Types of Organisation Structure
Lecture- 47- Organisation Concept of Functional StructureLecture- 48- Organising Advantage of Functional StructureLecture- 49- Organising Disadvantage of Functional StructureLecture- 50- Organisation Concept of Divisional Structure
Lecture- 51- Organising Advantage & Disadvantage of Divisional StructureLecture- 52- Concept of Formal Organisation & Feature of Formal OrganisationLecture- 53- Organising: Advantages of Formal OrganisationLecture- 54- Organisation Concept of Divisional Structure
Lecture- 55- Organising: Disadvantages of Formal OrganisationLecture- 56- Advantage & Disadvantages of Informal OrganisationLecture- 57- Organising: Difference Between Formal & Informal OrganisationLecture- 58- Organising: Concept of Delegation of Authority
Lecture- 59- Organising: Elements of DelegationLecture- 60- Difference Between Authority, Responsibility & AccountabilityLecture- 61- Organising Importance of Delegation of AuthorityLecture- 62- Organising: Centralisation & Decentralisation
Lecture- 63- Organising: Importance of DecentralisationLecture- 64- Concept and Features of Informal OrganisationLecture- 65- Staffing: Concept of StaffingLecture- 66- Importance of Staffing
Lecture- 67- Staffing: Evolution of HRMLecture- 68- Dimensions of Business EnvironmentLecture- 69- Dimension of Business Environment, Part-2Lecture- 70- Business Environment in India
Lecture- 71- Liberalisation, Privatisation, GlobalisationLecture- 72- Business Environment, MCQsLecture- 73- Short Answer QuestionLecture- 74- Long Answer Questions

What you will learn?

  • An economic activity because it has a motive to earn profit in every business enterprise.

  • How to procure goods and services in a business enterprise.

  • How to exchange goods and services from other business enterprises.

  • How to earn profit in business.

  • How to get rid of uncertain risk factors from business enterprises.

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