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Vidya Setu Maths online classes for class 11, covers all the topics from the NCERT as per the revised CBSE class 11 Mathematics Syllabus 2023-24. Mathematics is a subject that helps students to develop an understanding of the following topics like Relation and function, sets, the principle of mathematical induction, linear inequalities, etc. 

Mathematics is a study of numbers, shapes, and patterns. For class 11 students to understand the scenario of how to solve the equations and all mathematical problems. NCERT Mathematics for class 11, is the best-recommended book for students to get a better understanding of the subject in a detailed way. 

Vidya Setu (NCERT) CBSE maths online classes for class 11, provides students with class 11 maths video lectures download of the entire CBSE Class 11 Mathematics syllabus 2023-24 through PPTs and also by solved examples. The Vidya Setu CBSE class 11 maths video lectures are very sufficient for class 11th students to come out with flying colors in the CBSE class 12th Mathematics Exam 2023-24.

Vidya Setu Maths Online Classes- Course Highlights


CBSE Class 11


(CBSE) Class 11 Mathematics


CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus 2023-24 as per New CBSE Pattern


Hindi & English


12 months


Online class, video class, video lectures, notes, etc.

Course Content type

Video lectures


100% detailed course


Live chats, phone calls, online discussion forums. 

Vidya Setu Online Mathematics Classes- Course Structure

Vidya Setu conducts online mathematics classes on the basis of the revised CBSE class 11 course structure 2023-24. The faculty of Vidya Setu are aware of all the changes made by the Central board of Secondary Education. And they conduct the online mathematics classes accordingly.
1Sets and Functions29
2Coordinate Geometry37
4Mathematical Reasoning3
5Statistics and probability12

CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Revision Notes – Chapterwise

What You Will Learn From Maths Online Classes for Class 11?

  • You will learn the concept behind every topic given in the syllabus.
  • You will learn the formulas and derivations.
  • You will learn to solve differential equations.
  • You will get to know the theory behind every equation.
  • CBSE class 11 mathematics is the basics of mathematics which will further help candidates. 

Maths Online Classes for Class 11 Benefits from Vidya Setu

  • Structure video chapter-wise lectures.
  • Simple and easy to understand videos better learning.
  • Simple lectures test series.
  • Lectures by experienced teachers.
  • 24*7 doubts clearing forum.
  • Study material as per new exam pattern
  • Sample question papers for developing, more understanding.
  • The comfortable study environment at your home.

Enroll Now: Best Maths Online Classes for Class 11

Class 11 students must enroll now with Vidya Setu, the best maths online classes for class 11. The Vidya Setu provides NCERT class 11 maths videos and also provides CBSE class 11 maths video lectures. 

  • Students can study at any point in time.
  • Free Class 11 maths video lectures download for students.
  • Provides a comfortable study environment at your home. 
  • Online mathematics classes are conducted by our expert teachers.
  • We provide a 24*7 doubt clearing forum. 
  • Conducts forums for doubt clearing. 
  • class 11 maths videos are of HD quality which helps students to easily understand the solutions to each problem.

How Class 11 Maths Videos Lecture will Help Students to Clear the Exam?

  • Provides quick answers to the problems asked by the students.
  • Mock test conducted after each chapter.
  • Notes are provided as per the Revised CBSE class 11 mathematics syllabus 2023-24.
  • Chapters are explained in videos with best-illustrated examples and solutions.

Who is this course for?

  • For class 11 candidates who have opted for commerce after class 10th.
  • Who wants to have a clear and conceptual understanding of mathematics.
  • Who wants to prepare for the exams in an easy way.
  • Who wants to efficiently clear their CBSE class 11 mathematics.

Why Vidya Setu for Maths Online Classes for Class 11?

Best Faculty

Designed and Developed by the experienced and specialized subject teacher.

Recorded Video Lectures

Study Anywhere & Anytime with the High Quality Recorded Video Lectures.

Doubt Solving Facility

Ask your doubts related to any subject and get answers from the Expert Faculties of Vidya Setu.

Quality Study Material

Get the best comprehensive study material suitable for CBSE, State Board, ICSE, NCERT Preparation.

Online Mock Test Paper

With Schedules online Test Series, students get the chance to practice more & score more marks.

Modes Of Learning

Unlimited learning mode in form of Free Downloads of Videos on MOBILE, USB, LAPTOP & TABLET.

For all the recent updates on Class 11 Mathematics for the CBSE board, Vidya Setu is the best online portal for free. We are working toward building a strong educational foundation among young students who can take the nation on pride.