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ncert class 12 biology solutions

NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions helps students to learn the units from the revised CBSE 12 Biology syllabus 2021. NCERT Class 12 Biology solutions are prepared by Vidya Setu’s experienced teachers and professionals. Vidya Setu‘s main motive is to provide conceptual understanding to class 12 students. Class 12th biology solutions at Vidya Setu are provided by experienced faculty and in simple language.

The NCERT class 12 biology solutions of each of the questions carry a significant weightage for the upcoming Biology exam 2021. Therefore, Vidya Setu has organized the NCERT class 12 biology solutions in a way that students can easily comprehend and recall all the solutions, important topics, and all the important questions. Vidya Setu also provides the CBSE class 11 and CBSE class 12 biology syllabus as well other subject’s CBSE class 12 syllabus.

NCERT books are prescribed by CBSE for class 12 students, as one of the best books for preparation for class 12 Biology board examinations. The NCERT books are deemed as more than enough without any aid from other refreshers. The NCERT class 12 bio solutions are designed keeping in mind the language and the simplicity of the explanations that are given in the NCERT books.

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Download PDFs NCERT Class 12th Biology Solutions (Chapter-Wise): in English

The NCERT class 12 bio solutions chapter-wise in the English language to download for free. The NCERT solutions of biology class 12 are designed in a way that every student can understand the concepts with ease. So download the NCERT class 12th biology Solutions chapter-wise from the given link below.

CBSE Class 12 Biology 2021: Chapter Wise Description

Before going through the NCERT class 12th biology solutions, students must have the knowledge of the detailed description of each of the topics as per the revised CBSE class 12 biology syllabus. Given below is the Chapter Wise description of the CBSE class biology syllabus 2021.

Study Tips

Unit VI – Reproduction

Chapter 1 – Reproduction in Organisms

Through the Class 12 Biology solutions, learn about the significance of reproduction and modes of reproduction. Find out what vegetative propagation is and why the offspring of oviparous animals are at a greater risk compared to viviparous animals. Revise the meaning of terms such as embryogenesis, zygote, zoospore, gametogenesis, meiosis, juvenile phase, etc. NCERT solutions for class 12 biology chapter 1 are provided above.

Chapter 2 – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

With the help of the Class 12 Biology chapter solutions, learn about concepts such as megasporogenesis, microsporogenesis, self-pollination in flowers, etc. Revise topics such as bagging technique, triple fusion, perisperm, epicotyl, integument, testa, hypocotyl, emasculation, apomixis, and more. Also, learn to draw and label diagrams such as parts of a typical angiosperm ovule or the appearance of a female gametophyte at maturity. NCERT solutions for class 12 biology chapter 2 are provided above.

Chapter 3 – Human Reproduction

In this chapter, understand the working of the human reproductive system. Use our NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chapter 3 to learn how to describe the structure of a seminiferous tubule. Do a revision of concepts such as ovary, testis, spermiogenesis, spermatogenesis, oogenesis, and more. Practice diagrams such as Graafian follicle, female reproductive system, sperm, etc. NCERT solutions for class 12 biology chapter 3 are provided above.

Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health

This chapter will help you explain the importance of reproductive health in society. With the help of solutions by experts, understand how to answer questions such as why the use of contraceptives is justified and how infertile couples can try to have children. Get answers for NCERT textbook True/False questions with explanation by experienced Biology teachers.

Unit VII – Genetics and Evolution

Chapter 5 – Principles of Inheritance and Variation

This chapter covers topics such as Mendelian Inheritance, chromosome theory of inheritance, the inheritance of blood groups, Punnett square, genetics, etc. Through the NCERT Biology solutions, our experts will give you the accurate points to distinguish a Dominance allele from a Recessive allele. Also, revise terms such as homozygous, heterozygous, monohybrid, dihybrid, test cross, pedigree analysis, and more.

Chapter 6 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance

In this chapter, study in detail genetic materials such as DNA. Understand how to Hershey and Chase proved that DNA is the genetic material. Do a complete revision of concepts such as Satellite DNA, mRNA, Repetitive DNA, tRNA, Coding strand, template strand, exons, etc. Also, get expert solutions for questions about transcription, bioinformatics, DNA fingerprinting, and other topics.

Chapter 7 – Evolution

This chapter engrosses you in the amazing story of biological evolution and the contribution of famous biologists such as Darwin. Study the various components of human evolution. Understand the concept of adaptive radiation and why human evolution is considered as adaptive radiation. Find out about the evolutionary stages of animals and learn to link modern-day animals with a corresponding ancient fossil.

Unit VIII – Biology and Human Welfare

Chapter 8 – Human Health and Disease

With the help of NCERT Chapter 8 Biology solutions for Class 12, study human diseases and the basic concepts of immunology. Find out about public health measures that are taken to prevent infectious diseases. Revise the theory about the transmission of diseases such as Malaria, Amoebiasis, Pneumonia, Ascariasis, HIV, etc. Study concepts such as metastasis, cancerous cell, active immunity, and more.

Chapter 9 – Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

In this chapter, you will find solutions related to concepts such as animal husbandry, biofortification, plant breeding, tissue culture, and more. Find answers on how the quality and quantity of milk productions can be improved in a dairy farm. Revise the various methods involved in animal breeding. Our Biology experts will also help you to understand the role played by the fishery in the improvement of food production.

Chapter 10 – Microbes in Human Welfare

This textbook solution for this chapter will assist you in learning the importance of microbes for food processing, sewage treatment, energy generation, and the production of antibiotics. Understand how microbes help in controlling diseases caused by harmful bacteria. Find out how microbes can be used as biofertilizers to ensure decreased use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Unit IX – Biotechnology and Its Applications

Chapter 11 – Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

In this Class 12 Biology chapter, you’ll be introduced to the concepts around genetic engineering like bioreactors, Chitinase, PCR, downstream processing, Plasmid DNA, Exonuclease, Chromosomal DNA, the origin of application, etc. Get answers about recombinant proteins used in medical practice and their applications. Also, practice the method used by experts to create a palindromic DNA sequence using base-pair rules.

Chapter 12 – Biotechnology and its Applications

Use Chapter 12 Biology solutions to understand the applications of biotechnology in agriculture and health-related areas. Revise topics such as Cry proteins, gene therapy, cloning, golden rice, etc. Find out whether our blood has nucleases and proteases. Also, understand how rDNA technology can be used to remove oil from seeds. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of producing genetically modified crops.

Unit X – Ecology and Environment

Chapter 13 – Organisms and Populations

The chapter solutions can help you with solutions to understand organisms and their environment. Learn to define terms such as phenotypic adaptation, camouflage, population, mutualism, parasitism, hibernation, endotherms, etc. Use the support of Biology expert teachers to write short notes on topics like behavioral adaptations in animals, adaptations of plants to water scarcity, and more.

Chapter 14 – Ecosystem

Study biological ecosystems through concepts such as decomposition, food web, grazing food chain, detritus, secondary productivity, etc. Understand the components of an ecosystem. Revise the topic of ecological pyramids. Also, learn the features of a carbon cycle and sedimentary cycle. Utilize Chapter 14 solutions to revise the concept of a food chain.

Chapter 15 – Biodiversity and Conservation

Through Chapter 15 NCERT Biology Class 12 solutions, study the concept of biodiversity and what leads to the loss of biodiversity. Revise the significance of the slope of regression in a species-area relationship. Find out about sacred groves and the role of conservation. Also, understand the concept of biotic components of an ecosystem.

Chapter 16 – Environmental Issues

This chapter is designed to make you aware of various environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollution, ozone layer depletion, etc. The chapter solutions can be used to understand the causes and preventive measures for tackling environmental issues. Understand what is global warming, what its causes are, and how you can prevent global warming. Study the terms such as eutrophication, radioactive wastes, e-waste, municipal solid wastes, and more.

NCERT Class 12th Biology Solutions- Important Topics

While going through the NCERT solutions of biology class 12, students must have a knowledge of what topics are important for the upcoming biology exam point of view through the CBSE class 12 sample papers. Given below are a few of the important topics of the CBSE class 12th Biology. NCERT Class 12th biology solutions are important as students often face difficulty and are unable to solve the questions on their own. Below provided important topics and their NCERT class 12 bio solutions are provided by Vidya Setu.

  • Principles of Inheritance and Variations
  • Reproduction in organisms
  • Microbes in Human Welfare
  • Evolution
  • Biotechnology

Important Questions under NCERT Solutions Class 12 Biology

Important questions are figured out after the continuous study of various CBSE class 12 biology sample papers and previous years’ question papers although students do not have the time to figure out which question is important and not. Hence, Vidya Setu provides the CBSE class 12 biology important questions as well as class 12th biology NCERT solutions of these important questions.

  • What is the structure responsible for asexual reproduction in sponges?

Gemmules are the structure responsible for asexual reproduction in sponges.

  • Explain the law of independent assortment.

The law of independent assortment states that the alleles of two or more different genes get sorted into gametes independent of one another.

  • What is apomixis?

Apoximis is a form of asexual reproduction that occurs without fertilization and does not involve meiosis. This form of reproduction is more common in plants.

  • What is scutellum? (with respect to plants)

The scutellum is a modified, shield-shaped cotyledon of a monocot (like the seeds of grass).

  • Name the test used for the detection of AIDS.

ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is the preliminary test. Western Blotting is a confirmatory test used to detect AIDS.

  • What is metastasis?

Metastasis is the phenomenon where tumor cells spread to different parts of the body through the circulatory system.

  • What is contact inhibition?

Contact inhibition is a process by which normal cells inhibit their growth process in contact with neighboring cells.

  • What is immunity? Mention the types of immunity.

Immunity can be defined as the ability of the host to fight against a disease-causing microbe or an agent. Immunity can be of two types – Innate immunity and acquired immunity.

  • What is phylogenetics?

Phylogenetics is the study of evolutionary history and relationships among individuals or groups of organisms. Protein or gene evolution plays a major important role here.

  • What is the motile infective form of the Plasmodium parasite called?


Class 12 NCERT Biology Solutions Practice Questions

To score good marks in the CBSE class 12th biology board exams, students must practice the important questions given below. Biology’s curriculum is divided into theory exam and class 12 practical exam.

Q1. What is the asexual reproductive structure in Sponge?

Q2. True or false: Independent assortment can be seen in a monohybrid cross.

Q3. Write one difference each between the Oestrus cycle and the Menstrual cycle

Q4. Elaborate the following:

  1. Apomixis
  2. Scutellum

Q5. How are microspores in angiosperms developed?

Q6. Name the hormones produced by women during pregnancy?

Q7. Write one difference between codominance and incomplete dominance.

Q8. Who rediscovered Mendel’s laws?

Q9. YyRr is crossed with a wrinkled pea plant. Explain the result with the diagram.

Q10. Define mutagen. Give one example.

Q11. Define MTP.

Q12. What is menarche?

Q13. Draw a labeled diagram of the seminiferous tubule.

Q14. Which part of the fallopian tube is closest to the ovary?

Q15. Draw an anatropous ovule and label any six parts.

Q16. What happens to Synergids after fertilization?

Q17. What is the significant difference between autogamy, xenogamy, and geitonogamy?

Q18. What are the gamete mother cells called in diploid organisms?

Q19. Explain the process of cross-pollination in plants.

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Advantages of NCERT Class 12 Biology Solutions

The following advantages of going through the NCERT class 12 Biology solutions are as follows:

  • The NCERT class 12 bio solutions are Researched and written by Vidya Setu’s experienced faculty.
  • Students will get to know about the new value-based questions with solutions for each chapter
  • NCERT Class 12th Biology solutions are in very easy language, so it can easily be comprehended by the students.
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  • The NCERT solutions of biology class 12 cover an extensive coverage of fundamental concepts.

Why Choose Vidya Setu for NCERT class 12 Biology Solutions?

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Students must read only what is relevant for the upcoming March 2021 exams. Vidya Setu has provided you with the NCERT class 12th Biology Solutions in PDF format. Check out the important questions and topics wisely and prepare well for the exams.

Students should download the complete NCERT class 12 biology syllabus pdf from the list given above on this page and save time and effort. Vidya Setu is the best online portal for free. We are working toward building a strong educational foundation among young students who can take the nation on pride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is NCERT enough for the 12th board’s biology?

Ans: Yes, NCERT is enough for the upcoming biology board exam. As the biology question patterns are based on NCERT questions only. So students are requested to go through with the NCERT class 12 biology solutions.

Q2. From where can I download the NCERT class 12 solutions free of cost?

Ans: From this article, students can download the NCERT solutions pdf without paying any amount.

Q3. What are the important topics for the CBSE Class 12th Biology exam?

Ans: The important topics for the upcoming CBSE class 12th biology exam are as follows:

  • Principles of Inheritance and Variations
  • Reproduction in organisms
  • Microbes in Human Welfare
  • Evolution
  • Biotechnology