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Class 12 Business studies Important Questions Chapter-Wise

Class 12 Business studies Important Questions Chapter-Wise

Class 12 Commerce Stream has main 3 subjects – Accounts, Business Studies, and Economics. Business Studies is a theoretical subject in which students need to study hard to score more than 90% marks on board exams. Hence, students can go through the CBSE Class 12 Business studies Important Questions for the proper preparations of boards. You can find the Downloadable pdf of CBSE class 12 important questions as well as sample papers, previous year question papers, and study material.

Vidya Setu Learning provides the most important questions for class 12 BST. Candidates also need to practice CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2021  and Business studies previous year question paper to catch a good speed of solving the Final Question Paper in the main exams.

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Business Studies Class 12 Important Questions Chapter Wise

Business studies class 12 important questions chapter-wise pdf is available below for students. This chapter-wise pdf will help students in understanding the importance of every chapter separately.

Nature and Significance of Management Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 

Meaning , Characteristics , Objectives and Importance of Management.pdf

Nature of Management_ Management as an Art, Science and Profession.pdf

Principles of Management Important Questions for CBSE Class 12

Principles of Management Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies

Meaning, Nature and Importance of Management Principles.pdf

Fayol’s Principles of Management.pdf

FW Taylor’s Scientific Management Its Principles and Its Techniques.pdf

Business Environment Important Questions for CBSE Class 12

Business Studies Meaning, Features Importance and Dimensions of Business Environment.pdf

Impact of Changes in Government Policy on Business and Industry.pdf

Planning Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies

Meaning Definition, Features and Importance of Planning.pdf

Limitations of Planning.pdf

Steps in Planning Process.pdf

Different Types of Plan.pdf

Organizing Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies

Concept, Importance and Process of Organising.pdf

Formal and Informal Organisation.pdf

Staffing Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies 

Staffing as a Part of Human Resource Management.pdf

Recruitment and Its Sources.pdf

Training, Development and Methods of Training.pdf

Meaning, Definition, Importance and Process of Staffing.pdf

    Important chapters of Business Studies

    You can find the Important chapters of class 12 Business Studies Part A- Principles and Functions of Management.

    Part A: Principles and Functions of Management

    1. Nature and Significance of Management
    2. Principles of Management
    3. Business Environment
    4. Planning
    5. Organizing
    6. Staffing
    7. Directing
    8. Controlling

    CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Book

    CBSE prescribes NCERT Books for Class 12 Business Studies because it covers the entire Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus. Students can find the PDF Links to the Business Studies Books for Class 12 at Vidya Setu Learning for both Parts. The important Questions which come in exams are from NCERT books only.

    Benefits solve CBSE class 12 business studies Important Questions?

    • It helps students in understanding kind of questions can come in the business studies examination and also test their knowledge and preparation.
    • Students will get aware of the marking scheme as well as the board exam paper pattern.
    • Candidates can analyze their preparation for the coming exam by solving these important questions from the previous year’s question papers and then grading them.
    • Candidates will also understand how to manage to complete the exam on time.

    Why VidyaSetu

    VidyaSetu Learnings is the top online education portal for class 10th, 11th, and 12th students. Besides this, it also provides all the required details on every subject including arts, commerce, and arts. Vidya Setu Learning also provided business studies class 12 important questions 2020 and for previous years.

    • Free PDF Link to Download- VidyaSetu is the leading platform for class 11th and 12th students. Furthermore, students can download the FREE PDF of the NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Important Questions 2021.
    • Detailed Information– Vidyasetu provides all the updated information on its official website very effectively. Moreover, all the information is understandable, as it is taken from CBSE’s official website to give regular updates to students.
    • 100% Correct and Authentic– It is very important for students to get the correct as well as authentic information for Business Studies. In addition, VidyaSetu only provides 100% accuracy to the students. Students will therefore never get any discrepancies or any mistakes on the official website. It is consequently known as the trusted and most preferred Educational platform for Online Education.
    • Latest and Updated Information–Students will get the latest and updated information on VidyaSetu. In fact, based on the CBSE Curriculum or any other State Board-based information. Any change initiated by the Respective board is updated by VidyaSetu regularly.


    Q1. How Can I Prepare for the Class 12 Business Studies Papers?

    A1. There are easy Study tips to prepare for the Business Studies Paper:

    • Read the NCERT Business Studies Class 12 Books
    • Solve the business studies important questions
    • Study Regularly for achieving the highest marks on the Boards.

    Q2. Is there any negative marking in the 12th Business Studies Exam?

    A3. No, students need not worry about the negative markings just complete the whole paper in the given time of 3 hours.

    Q3. How was the Class 12 Business Studies 2020 Question Paper?

    A4. According to many students, the Class 12 Business Studies 2020 Question Paper was very simple and easy yet a bit lengthy.

    Q4. How can one answer a 6 mark question in the subject of business studies?

    Ans. All questions are related to case studies in the business studies subject. One needs to have the concept clear in mind. Then, it becomes easy to answer the question.

    Q5 From Google, how can one download the CBSE Question Paper 2021 for Business Studies?

    Ans. One can easily download the CBSE Question Paper from the official website of CBSE which is cbse.nic.in.


    The business studies class 12 Important questions mainly focus on providing important questions as well as solutions in pdf. It is student-friendly and useful for both Class 12th Exams and other Competitive Examinations. Business studies class 12 Important Questions pdf download covers chapter-wise Important questions with solutions. They can also be downloaded absolutely free of cost.

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