Latest CBSE Class 12 Economics Revision Notes Free PDF Download

class 12 economics notes

Economics is one of the main subjects of the Central Board of Secondary Education Commerce Stream in the class 11th and 12th. As a matter of fact, Students need to study and score well in economics for achieving the desired marks in the 12th Boards. To understand each topic, go through the Vidya Setu class 12 economics Notes PDF download.

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CBSE Class 12 Economics Curriculum

Notably, the entire course for CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus is divided into two parts:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics

The curriculum is divided in such a way that there is an equivalent balance between practical and theoretical topics. Class 12 notes pdf will not only help you with board exams but also help you while preparing for any competitive examinations.

Students can also additionally go through the economics sample papers and class 12 Economics Question papers. You can also download class 12 economics chapter-wise notes in Hindi pdf, here at Vidya Setu Learning.

Indian Economic Development for Class 12 Macro Economics

Indian Economic development involves more theoretical topics like National Income, banking, government budgets, etc.

Macroeconomics deals with the economy as a whole and teaches topics like Aggregate demand and supply. In another word, students should study all these topics while keeping the economy as one unit. Regardless of having a lengthy syllabus, each topic is equally important and should be given due time and concentration.

CBSE Notes for Class 12 Micro Economics

Generally, microeconomics studies from an individual person/ consumer or seller’s perspective. The topics like consumer equilibrium, demand, and supply are all taught from an individual perspective. For the most part, it teaches how a change in the economy affects a single buyer or seller.

Furthermore, these topics are divided between sellers’ and consumers’ points of view. Consumer equilibrium talks about consumer satisfaction, whereas the Production equilibrium is about sellers’ productivity. Students can download CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2021 from here.

NCERT Class 12 CBSE Economics Books: Free PDF Download (English/Hindi)

Students can download Class 12 CBSE Economics Books 2021 from the official website of NCERT or from the Vidya Setu itself. NCERT books have been updated with respect to the revised CBSE Economics Syllabus.

Furthermore, NCERT Economics books can act as a base for students who are planning to choose their path in Economics. CBSE has introduced mainly two economics class 12 books namely – Microeconomics and Macroeconomics which are equally important.

Class 12 Economics Notes provided on this page are curated from NCERT books only. Class 12 economics notes pdf helps students during revision time as well.

CBSE Class 12 Economics NCERT Solutions/Notes

Students can Download CBSE Class 12 Economics Solutions for each chapter prepared by the subject experts of the VidyaSetu Learnings. In Commerce, students can study the CBSE 12th Notes, which further will help to score well in the main examinations.

All these NCERT Solutions are available in notes available for Class 12 Economic. You can find both CBSE Notes for Class 12 Macro Economics as well as CBSE class 12 Microeconomic Notes are available absolutely free of cost in PDF format.

Benefits of VidyaSetu drafted Class 12 Economics NCERT Notes

There are several benefits of studying VidyaSetu drafted CBSE Class 12 Economics Notes and solutions as it covers the whole syllabus and every concept is explained in a very simple and easy way. The reasons why students love learning with Vidyasetu are given here;

  • Importantly, Students will only get an accurate answer to every question in the notes by VidyaSetu.
  • CBSE Class 12 Economics Notes are helpful for commerce students not only for preparing for the main exams but also in higher studies in the field of economics.
  • As compared to, notes provided by the NCERT or CBSE which are in complex language VidyaSetu class 12 notes are very easy to understand.
  • In like manner, VidaSetu also provided CBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2020 solved with the CBSE Class 12 Economics Solutions by which every student can practice more and gain good information.
  • Class 12 economics chapter-wise notes in Hindi pdf download are also available for students of Hindi Medium.


Given these points, the CBSE class 12 economic notes are beneficial to students in many ways. With online classes, these Indian economic development class 12 not provide solutions, graphical representation, and theoretical explanation of each topic. Altogether, This Page provides Class 12 economics chapter-wise notes for both Macroeconomics and microeconomics.

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