NCERT Class 12 Economics Book Download PDF 2023

NCERT Class 12 Economics Book Download PDF 2023

NCERT Class 12 Economics Book PDF Download: NCERT forms the base for students who seek to enrich their careers in the field of Economics. The NCERT class 12 economics books contain all the important units and concepts that need to be studied in Class 12 Boards.  

The entire course for CBSE Class 12 Economics Syllabus is divided into two parts: 

  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics

The subject Economics for class 12th has two books: Introductory Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (Part-1 and Part-2 respectively. This article provides you the Free NCERT Book for Class 12 Economics PDF which can be downloaded from VidyaSetu’s website. 

Students can download NCERT class 12 Economics book pdf on their devices to prepare for the external as well as internal examinations. The NCERT class 12 economics Textbooks are compiled as per the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE Boards. Class 12 Economics curriculum is divided between Theory Exam and Economics Project Work. Students can also find the UP board class 11 economics syllabus  at Vidya Setu learning. 

This last year 2020 has been very challenging for the education system over the world. To overcome the spread of pandemic COVID-19 disease, the school, colleges, coaching institutions were kept closed. VidyaSetu, the team of the best educators in India has come upon a wide Online Portal to provide Free online Classes to 11th and 12th standards CBSE and other State Boards. VidyaSetu also provides the free NCERT Class 12 Commerce Books pdf for free. 

In the 21st Online learning Era, where practical understanding is a must, we provide Free Economics Online Video Classes on Youtube by the subject experts. Every Online Class explains each chapter of both the parts in Economics in such a manner that a candidate develops a deep understanding of every single topic from the complete syllabus of 12th Boards.

    NCERT Class 12 Economics Book: Chapter-Wise PDF Download (English Medium)

    Students can download chapter-wise free NCERT Class 12 Economics Book Download PDF in English medium for both Microeconomics & Macroeconomics are tabulated below:

    NCERT Book for Class 12 Economics- Microeconomics

    NCERT Class 12 Book Introductory MicroeconomicsDownload Link
    Chapter 1: Introduction Download 
    Chapter 2: Theory of Consumer BehaviourDownload 
    Chapter 3: Production and CostsDownload
    Chapter 4: The Theory of Firm Under Perfect CompetitionDownload 
    Chapter 5: Market EquilibriumDownload 
    Chapter 6: Non-Competitive MarketsDownload 

    NCERT Book for Class 12 Economics- Macroeconomics

    NCERT Class 12 Book Introductory MacroeconomicsDownload Link
    Chapter 1: IntroductionDownload
    Chapter 2: National Income AccountingDownload 
    Chapter 3: Money and BankingDownload 
    Chapter 4: Determination of Income and EmploymentDownload 
    Chapter 5: Government Budget and EconomyDownload 
    Chapter 6: Open Economy MacroeconomicsDownload 

    NCERT Class 12 Economics Book: Chapter-wise PDF Download (Hindi Medium)

    Students can download chapter-wise free NCERT Class 12  Economics Book (Vyashti Arthashastra)  PDF in Hindi medium for Microeconomics & Macroeconomics are tabulated below:

    NCERT Class 12 Economics Book in Hindi PDF- Microeconomics

    NCERT Class 12 Book Introductory Microeconomics – HindiDownload Links
    Chapter 1: परिचयDownload Here
    Chapter 2: उपभोक्ता के व्यवहार का सिद्धांतDownload Here
    Chapter 3: उत्पादन तथा लागतDownload Here
    Chapter 4: पूर्ण प्रतिस्पर्धा की स्थिति में फर्म का सिद्धांतDownload Here
    Chapter 5: बाज़ार संतुलनDownload Here
    Chapter 6: प्रतिस्पर्धाहित बाज़ारDownload Here

    NCERT Class 12 Economics Book in Hindi PDF- Macroeconomics

    The chapter-wise PDFs of Class Class 12 Samasti Arthashastra Ka Parichay book are tabulated below:

    NCERT Class 12 Book Introductory Macroeconomics – HindiDownload Links
    Chapter 1: परिचयDownload Here
    Chapter 2: राष्ट्रीय आय का लेखांकनDownload Here
    Chapter 3: मुद्रा और बैंकिंगDownload Here
    Chapter 4: आय और रोजगार के निर्धारणDownload Here
    Chapter 5: सरकारी बजट एवं अर्थव्यवस्थाDownload Here
    Chapter 6: खुली अर्थव्यवस्था – समष्टि अर्थशास्त्रDownload Here

    NCERT Class 12 Economic Solution-

    Students once start solving class 12 economics book started facing a lot of problems and doubts. economics is not an easy subject and involves a lot of in depth topic which may be difficult to understand without any guidance. Hence, students can refer to CBSE class 12 economics NCERT solutions as well as class 12 economics notes so that students can get their doubts cleared.

    Why Should Students Download NCERT Class 12 Economics Book PDF?

    Online CBSE Textbooks can speed up work very nicely. The best thing about the online books is that they allow copying and pasting the content, this helps students to quote the important sections of the NCERT Textbooks in their separate notes file, without re-typing the whole. Online NCERT CBSE Textbooks are very interactive and contain audio, video, and other animations that can enhance the understanding of a student better. Students can also refer to the class 12 economics guide for more information regarding the subject and updates. After solving the class 12 economics book students should also look forward to solving the class 12 economics previous year question paper for practice. 

    Let’s see what more are the benefits of downloading NCERT Class 12 Economics Book Download PDF: 

    • One Device, Many Books:

    Students can download many books on a single device rather than storing physical books in their room. This is one of the top benefits of downloading NCERT Class 12 Economics Book Download PDF on your single device. Simply you have to carry one device for all your books anywhere you go. 

    • Accessible Everywhere:

    The second best thing about Online books is that they can be accessed anywhere and everywhere. You don’t have to carry a huge load of books in your bag, just your personal device and you are ready to study any subject. 

    • Easily Updates:

    Online books are updated every time by the boards. Students are free to study the updated books just by downloading from the authentic site of NCERT or VidyaSetu, the leading Online Portal for class 11 and 12th students. 

    • Shareable Content:

    Students can share books with their friends without even having a loss of a book. A physical book can be shared with a person at a time, but an Online book can be shared with many people at a point. This way many students can study from the same book on their personal devices from anywhere. 

    • Easy on the Eyes:

    Students can simply zoom in or zoom out any page of the books. This makes an online book easy on the eyes. Many physical books have small word sizes, which makes it difficult sometimes for the students to study continuously on the same font size. 

    • Affordable in the Long Run:

    One of the best reasons for downloading NCERT Books for Class 12 Economics PDF is they are absolutely free. Class 12 Students of Commerce can download as many books as they want on their personal devices and can have free access from anywhere and everywhere.

    Some Tips to Prepare for Class 12th Economics Subject

    • Students should practice more problems from the exercise given after every chapter of the NCERT class 12 economics book and also make sure to go through the Class 12 Commerce Syllabus thoroughly.
    • Students should work on the Presentation and Evaluation Skills that will be assessed in the Internal Assessment of the final examinations.
    • Students should practice more of the practical questions and solve the CBSE Class 12 Economics sample papers.
    • Students should properly understand the basic theory of both parts of economics for a strong conceptual understanding. They must also go through the NCERT class 12 economics solutions to increase their in-depth understanding of each chapter.

    Why Study With VidyaSetu For Class 12 Exams?

    • VidyaSetu is the Best Online Portal that offers Free Online Video Classes to Class 11th and 12th Students. 
    • Every Video is designed & developed by well-experienced Subject Experts.
    • Students get High-Quality Recorded Video Lectures that can be studied anywhere and anytime.
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    • Students can enjoy unlimited learning mode in various forms of devices such as MOBILE, USB, LAPTOP & TABLET.


    Students can download NCERT Book for Class 12 Economics PDF Download from the above article and get the best advantage of studying digitally. VidyaSetu is the leading Online Platform for students of Class 11th and 12th to provide them Free Online Videos for each and every subject in your course. You can also get regular updates regarding the CBSE Class 12th Exams 2021 just by following the official website of VidyaSetu regularly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. CBSE prescribes which Economic Books for class 12?

    A1. CBSE Prescribes NCERT Books for Class 12 because it covers the entire Class 12 Economics Syllabus 2021. 

    Q2. How many books are in Class 12th for Economics?

    A2. There are only 2 NCERT Books for Class 12 Economics. They are:

    • Macroeconomics
    • Microeconomics

    Q.3 How can one get 100 marks in the Class 12th Economics?

    A3. Students can easily score 100 Marks in the Class 12 Economics just by having good command in the theory part. Clearing basics in Economics is very important to tip to score better marks. Even if students have completed NCERT Class 12 Economics Books, then any candidate can easily score a commendable percentage. 

    Q4. Is it important to study Economic Books Guides other than NCERT Book?

    A4. CBSE says the Class 12 Board Exam covers all the questions from the NCERT Book. So, even if students study only NCERT Book, scoring marks are no such big deal.

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