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ncert class 12 biology book

In the first place, biology for class 12 students is very crucial. Through this subject, students get to learn more biological terms. NCERT Class 12 biology book is beneficial for students because it contains all the chapters in a very simple language. However, most of the CBSE schools are following NCERT Class 12 Biology Book. Because it contains the updated class 12 biology syllabus of CBSE.

Moreover, to secure a good number in class 12 biology, it is essential to join online classes along with NCERT class 12 biology book. However, the biological terms are critical to understanding by students, and therefore Vidya setu classes help you understand these terms in a very simple language. Besides this, Vidya setu classes follow the NCERT Class 12 Biology Book to learn the students. 

Tips to secure good numbers in class 12 biology 

If you want to score a good number in the biology exam, follow the tips below. 

  • At first, Understand all biology topics clearly; therefore, you can answer any question asked in the exam. 
  • Always refer to the NCERT Class 12 Biology Book to read important lines and practice exercises provided at the end of each chapter.
  • However, ensure to pay attention more in lab sessions and perform all the experiments actively. If you actively participate in performing lab sessions, you will get an intimate understanding of each topic.
  • Additionally, revise your chapters at least two weeks before the Biology exam and strengthen your concepts of biology. 
  • Moreover, always Practice different previous year question papers and CBSE sample papers to score good numbers in board exams.
  • Most importantly, practice all the essential diagrams and label them properly to fetch more marks in your exam. And highlight some key features for which your diagram looks fully complete.
  • Undoubtedly, Biology is a crucial subject; thus, try to cover and revise all the topics before the exam. Make a proper study plan to cover all the topics. Also, check these study tips.

What facilities do you get from Vidya Setu?

Nowadays, students can quickly get the class 12th biology book PDF from Vidya Setu. Generally, the NCERT Class 12 Biology Book describes every subject in straightforward language. You can find the class 12 NCERT biology book PDF download class link below.

Apart from this, let’s know VSI’s excellent facilities below.  

Excellent online classes

Vidya setu delivers online NCERT Class 12 Biology Book classes to the students. Thus students can learn biology at sitting their homes. Moreover, the experts of biology take the online classes of Vidya setu. So class 12th students can easily understand the terms and definitions of each biological term quickly. 

However, the experts follow the NCERT Class 12 Biology Book because most schools adopt this book. Students can record these classes and learn more from these recorded videos. 

Following updated syllabus

Including excellent online classes, Vidya setu classes also follow the updated syllabus of the CBSE board. Vidya setu classes often check the updates of the syllabus provided by CBSE. And according to that, it delivers learning facilities to the students. As we all know, NCERT Class 12 Biology Book are essential for students. So that Vidya setu follow these books to provide a better lecture. Moreover, Vidya setu classes also give important questions of biology to the student for a better understanding of the syllabus. 

Outstanding strategy and study plan

Alternatively, a proper study plan is vital to cover all the biology chapters before the exam. So that Vidya setu classes deliver adequate study planning to the students. However, the expert faculty helps students by giving them a proper strategy to cover each chapter of biology deeply. In this strategy, they added the chapter-wise important question and answer. And also guide the students to follow these questions for their board exam. However, the Vidya setu staff also gives them a proper timetable. So that students can utilize their study time effectively. 

Doubt solving classes

Undoubtedly biology is a crucial subject. Many times students cannot understand the biological terms. Therefore Vidya setu classes arrange doubt clearing classes, where students can ask any question related to biology. Moreover, Vidya setu also delivers a Whatsapp group to the students. So that students can solve all their queries through the group. The group includes students and teaching staff, for which the students can ask their doubts in the groups. After that, the teaching staff solves the doubts immediately. 

Revision classes

Vidya setu classes provide revision class facilities to the students. Moreover, the revision classes help to know each chapter deeply. With the guidance of expert faculties, vidya setu classes arrange the revision classes facility. In these classes, vidya setu gives essential tips to cover the chapters before the exam. However, these classes make students stronger for the board exams.

Diagrams and terminology

Diagram and terminology are two essential parts of biology. Most of the questions of biology carry the diagram. So that it is very important to practice these diagrams every day. Especially Vidya setu class delivers the technique of making proper biological diagrams to the students. By the way, Vidya setu regularly advises the students to practice essential biology diagrams. 

Moreover, the terminology of each biological word is very necessary for the exam. The experts help the students clearly understand each biological word’s terms and definitions. 

Practising sample paper

Vidya setu classes regularly provide assignments of practising sample papers to the students. The vidya setu class follows the NCERT Class 12 Biology Book, which has sample questions at the end of each subject. Including this vidya setu classes also provides previous year questions for practice sessions. Class 12 biology sample paper practice and last year’s question paper practice help the students know the pattern of biology exam questions. Through this vidya setu encourage students to appear all the board exam questions. 

Bottom line 

On the whole, vidya setu classes follow the NCERT class 12 biology book to provide quality service to the students. If you want to achieve your goals and secure 90% marks in the biology exam, join Vidya setu classes immediately. You can get an organized study plan and strategy to score a good number here. 

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