How to Complete Class 12 Syllabus in 1 Month & Score 90%

How to Complete Class 12 Syllabus

How to Complete the 12 Syllabus in 1 Month for a senior secondary exam or how to score good marks?, Students often look for answers to questions like these. They also are eager to know how to manage time to study in class12.

We have tried to provide answers to all these questions in our blog. Vidya Setu Learning provides free online classes for class 12, and other source material like the class 12 senior secondary syllabus, notes, NCERT solutions, etc. So that students can perform better in exams. Vidya Setu Learning also class 12 Hindi books of other subjects as well. 

Taking advantage of the last month before the exam is very important as it decides the preparation level and should be managed with utmost seriousness. The CBSE class 12 exams are important for students as it is a deciding factor during college admissions. 

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams: Overview

The central board as well as all the state boards conduct class 12. The class 12th board exam or senior secondary exams is usually conducted in the period between March to June. Although due to the current pandemic situation exams are continually getting postponed as no date has been announced yet.

The classes are happening online due to which students might need extra help with the completion of the syllabus. Students might be worried about how to complete the syllabus in one month and get 90% marks in exams.

Class 12 Date sheet is out and as per class 12 toppers according to class 12 results, there are few points to keep in mind while preparing for both online and offline exams. These points will not only help you complete the syllabus on time but also enhances productivity. Students consistently ask questions like how to how to manage time for study in class 12 or how to score good marks in exams. The below-provided points are answers to all those questions.

Steps to complete class 12 Syllabus

  • Prepare the Time Table

Before starting the syllabus, students should make a timetable and the amount of time which they are willing to spend on every subject every day. Preparing the timetable and planning every day will help them to stay focus and not feel directionless after a point in time.

  • Cover Your Syllabus Books First

Students often start preparing from reference books and completely forget about The NCERT books prescribed by CBSE. But 80% board exam paper is made from the NCERT books only. A lot of tutors ask students to solve difficult questions but rather the paper can be solved by the mere understanding of the topic and regular practice. Hence, students should make sure to solve the syllabus book thoroughly before moving towards the reference books or sample papers.

  • Practice Past Exam Papers

Once the syllabus book prescribed by different boards is solved and practiced properly. Students can move on to solving mock test papers and sample papers. The sample papers are given out by the CBSE itself so that students can get an idea on how to manage to complete the exam on time and at the same time able to get better marks. Previous year question papers and class 12 sample papers are all available at Vidya Setu Learning. They are free of cost and have solutions attached with them with which paper can be solved easily.

  • Figure Out the Important Topics

Once students solve the previous year’s question paper they can easily figure out which topic has more weightage in the board exam. They can also figure out the paper pattern and Question paper design easily through solving sample papers. After solving these papers, students can figure out important topics and can invest their time into these more than others.

  • Pick your Weak Points First

Many times students are advised to practice their strong points and subjects more so that they can be sure of getting full marks in those topics. But they at the same time invest extra time in unnecessary and low weightage topics. The students should work on their weak points and difficult topics so that they could gain marks in those subjects as well.

  • Take Short Breaks

Students should not take unnecessary pressure and end up being ill or frustrated. With less time in hand, they should not feel anxious about the preparation or overindulge themselves into studies. Rather students should take definite short breaks while studying so that they get more done with a healthy mindset.

  • Keep the Theory for Early Morning

The theory is not liked by a lot of students because they find it boring. They cannot study theory during the day or evening time. Theory cannot be studied in the evening because of numerous distractions. Morning is the best time to study theory as it has absolutely no distraction and the mind is also fresh and energized.

Why is it important to prepare for Class 12 Board Exams?

12th standard is the last class of senior secondary students in before they go to college. The 12th senior secondary percentage helps students in getting admission to the college of their choice. The students consistently ask how to complete the syllabus in one month and able to score marks higher than 90%. Hence, it is important for students to prepare for class 12 exams and complete the syllabus and understand the study pattern for class 12.

How To Manage 24 Hours for Study in Class 12

1 month or 30 days means students have 720 hours (24 hours in a day * 30 days in a month) with them to finish the class 12th reduced syllabus. students need to realize that if they commit to giving 6 hours daily to their studies, then they are spending less than 30% of the time available with them.

Vidyasetu helps you with the best timetable that will utilize only your 30% of total time to complete the 30% reduced CBSE syllabus.

Timetable to manage 180 hours of 1 month

Paper 1 compulsory subject(language)30 Hours
paper 2 compulsory subject40 Hours
Paper 3 compulsory subject(practical)50 Hours
paper 4 compulsory subject40 hours
paper 5 Optional Subject20 Hours
Total hours to study in 30 days180 Hours

How to Manage 30 days to complete Class 12th Syllabus

Once we have divided the number of hours into a specific subject, it is best to make a timetable for the day. If you religiously follow the timetable, you will surely get extra time to revise the syllabus before the class 12th exam.

Vidyasetu faculty provides you with a timetable to manage 30 days efficiently before senior secondary board exams. According to the faculty, the initial 5 days should be spent in completing the paper with the lengthy syllabus. The next consecutive 5 days should cover the paper 2 syllabi. Till the mid of the month, you should be able to complete the syllabus of 2 main important subjects of class 12th.

In the second half of the month, try to complete another important paper with an optional and language subject.

Day 1-530 HoursPaper 3
Day 6-1030 Hourspaper 2
Day 11-1530 HoursPaper 3 and Paper 2
Day 16-2030 HoursPaper 4
Day 21-2530 HoursPaper 4 and Paper 1
Day 26-3030 Hourspaper 1 and paper 5

How to manage a day / 24 hours to study in class 12?

Students often ask How many hours should they study for class 12 or How to manage time to study in class 12? Here’s the answer to all their questions. Below provided is the most feasible timetable which can be easily incorporated by the students without being lethargic.

Step 1wake up at 6:00 AM
Step 2Drink water, walk for half an hour and get freshen up
Step 3Take bath and have breakfast
Step 4Study for 3 to 4 hours with a break of 5-10 minutes after every 50 mins.
Step 5Have a fulfilling lunch
Step 6take a walk for 10 minutes and listen to songs
Step 7Again sit for studies at 2 pm and continue till 6 pm with a break of 5-10 minutes after every 50 mins.
Step 8Take dinner
Step 9Revise what you studied the entire day
Step 10Talk to a friend about your day, make your to-do list and go to sleep.

Things to Keep in Mind to Score Good marks in exams

  • Regular practice of solving question papers motivates students to begin early revision sessions. Which definitely improves the speed of delivering answers and helps to score good marks.
  • Solving Sample or Previous question Papers enhances the comprehensive knowledge about the subject.
  • “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”, an old saying but still effective. More the practice of solving important questions will be, more students will be gaining motivation and speed of solving theories.
  • If a student fails in giving an answer, practice papers help to reconcile the whole concept and make the basics more clear.

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Students often look for answers to questions like How to Complete the 12th Syllabus in 1 Month or how to score good marks. They always pose questions like how to manage time to study in class 12 senior secondary standard. All these questions are answered in the blog above. Vidya Setu Provides free online classes for class 12 and other source material so that students can get perform better in exams.

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Q1. Is one month enough for the 12th board preparation?

The syllabus for class 12 is very broad, and it will take more than a month to go through it all. However, you can cover enough material to receive average scores in 12th board preparation if you follow a good study schedule.

Q 2. How much time does it take to complete the class 12 syllabus?

The entire class 12 syllabus, which includes all theoretical and practical courses, will take at least three months to complete. It will also take you 15 to 20 days to revise the entire course.

Q 3. Can I score 90+ marks in the class 12th board exam in 15-20 days?

Scoring 90+ marks in class 12 with only 15–20 days of preparation is practically difficult. Start studying at least three months ahead of time if your goal is to receive an overall score of 90 or higher on the class 12 board.

Q 4. How to complete the class 12 syllabus in 15 days?

The class 12 syllabus’s important topics can only be finished in 15 days. Create a list of the most important topics that are tested more often and carry a higher weight. After that, comprehend those subjects to help you remember them in the test.