CBSE Class 12 English Project Guide 2023-24

Class 12 English Project

Do you want to know the whole details regarding the CBSE Class 12 English Project? Here, Students can find the complete details on the Project Report File in this PDF.

English is a Theory Subject in Class 12 CBSE. It doesn’t have any practical exam during the Final Examinations. So, there’s no such Report File to be made for the English Project Of Class 12.

CBSE Class 12 English Project includes a 20 Marks exam conducted by the school testing the Reading, Listening and Speaking Skills and the Writing Skills of the students. If students have scored well in the 20 Marks in these skills exams that come under the Class 12 English Project 2023-24, then you can easily increase the final English percentage for the Main Exams. So, Submit your project work to the respective subject teachers.

English Core is the general Exam for all the streams in Class 12 including Arts, Commerce, and Science. CBSE Class 12th English Project 2023-24 is the same for all students. While preparing for the English exam, students can go through CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24 to start studying the whole course prescribed by the CBSE Board.

Students can also practice CBSE Class 12 English Sample Papers 2023-24 as it is always said, Practice Makes a Man Perfect. Class 12 English Exam Date is announced by the CBSE Board which is 24th Feburary’24, which is approaching soon.

CBSE Class 12th English Project guidelines 2023-24

Students can download the CBSE Class 12 English Project Guidelines to get the complete details about the English project class 12 CBSE 2023-24.

Marking scheme of CBSE class 12th English Project Work 2023-24

Specifications of ProjectWeightage in Marks
Total Weightage20
Marks Distribution on the basis of Assessment
A. Specific Objectives of Reading5
B. Listening and Speaking5
C. Specific Objectives of Writing (500 Words)10

CBSE Class 12th English Project Work Ideas 2023-24

English Language Paper 1

Length: 500 words

Example Topic 1: Write a review of a cultural program organized by the Interact Club of your school. The amount taken from the sale of tickets is to be given for the welfare of an old-age home.


Example Topic 2: Class 12 English Project Theatre Script/ English Project Class 12 Indianization/ Interview Of Ruskin Bond/Interview Of Ms. Dhoni, Etc.

These are some of Class 12 English Project 2023-24 Ideas for students that can be used in the CBSE English Project Class 12 File. The very important thing to be noted is, it should be very presentable and decorated smartly.

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A. Specific Objectives of Reading

Students are expected to develop the following study skills:

  • Skim for main ideas and scan for details
  • Refer to dictionaries, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and academic reference material in any format.
  • Select and extract relevant information, using reading skills of skimming and scanning.
  • understand the writer’s purpose and tone
  • Comprehend the difference between the literal and the figurative
  • Differentiate between claims and realities, facts and opinions, form business opinions on the basis of the latest trends available.
  • Comprehend technical language as required in computer-related fields, arrive at a personal conclusion, and logically comment on a given text.
  • Specifically, develop the ability to be original and creative in interpreting opinion, develop the ability to be logically persuasive in defending one’s opinion, and making notes based on a text.

B. Listening and Speaking

Speaking needs a very strong emphasis and is an important objective leading to professional competence. Hence, the testing of oral skills must be made an important component of the overall testing pattern. To this end, speaking and listening skills are overly built into the material to guide the teachers in the actualization of the skills.

I. Specific Objectives of Listening & Speaking

Students are expected to develop the ability to:

  • Take organized notes on lectures, talks, and listening passages.
  • Listen to news bulletins and develop the ability to discuss informally wide-ranging issues like current national and international affairs, sports, business, etc.
  • Respond in interviews and participate informal group discussions.
  • Make inquiries meaningfully and adequately and respond to inquiries for the purpose of traveling within the country and abroad
  • Listen to business news and be able to extract relevant important information. develop public speaking skills.

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II. Guidelines for Assessment in Listening and Speaking Skills


  • Activities for listening and speaking available at can be used for developing the listening and speaking skills of students.
  • Subject teachers should also refer to books prescribed in the syllabus.
  • In addition to the above, teachers may plan their own activities and create their own material for assessing the listening and speaking skills.

2. Parameters for Assessment:

The listening and speaking skills are to be checked on the following parameters:

  • Interactive competence (Initiation & turn-taking, relevance to the topic).
  • Fluency (cohesion, coherence, and speed of delivery).

3. Pronunciation

  • Language (accuracy and vocabulary).

4. Schedule:

  • The practise of listening and speaking skills should be done throughout the academic year.
  • The final assessment of the skills is to be done as per the convenience and
  • Schedule of the school.

III. Record Keeping:

The record of the activities done and the marks given must be kept for three months after the declaration of the result, for any random checking by the Board. No recording of speaking skills is to be sent to the Board.

C. Specific Objectives of Writing

The students will be able to:

  • Write letters to friends, relatives, etc. to write business and official letters.
  • Open accounts in post offices and banks. To fill in railway/airline reservation forms.
  • Draft notices, advertisements, and design posters effectively and appropriately.
  • Write on various issues to institutions seeking relevant information, lodge complaints, express gratitude, or render an apology
  • Write applications, fill in application forms, prepare personal bio-data for admission into colleges, universities, entrance tests, and jobs.
  • Write informal reports as part of personal letters on functions, programs, and activities held in school (morning assembly, annual day, sports day, etc.)
  • Write formal reports for school magazines/events/processes/ or in local newspapers about events or occasions.
  • Express opinions, facts, arguments in the form of speech or debates, using a variety of accurate sentence structures
  • Draft papers to be presented in symposia.
  • Takedown notes from talks and lectures.
  • Write examination answers according to the requirement of various subjects.
  • Summarise a text.

Objectives of CBSE Class 12th English Project 2023-24

The objectives of class XII English project are-

To improve children’s speaking, listening, and reading abilities. They will gain the knowledge they need and the confidence to speak up and take part in discussions in public.

It will promote the growth of language skills and focus on improving grammar and vocabulary.

Their writing skills will get better as a result of their project preparation. In addition to writing advertisements, announcements, and letters, their assignment may also require them to create posters.

How to Prepare for the Class 12th English Project 2023-24?

Understand the syllabus: Before starting your Class 12 English project, make sure you understand the syllabus. It will give you a few ideas for various topics. 

Choose a topic: Choose a topic for your class 12 English project that interests and is familiar to you. Additionally, confirm that it matches the 2023–2024 academic year syllabus and the guidelines issued by CBSE. 

Research: Don’t skip research when it comes to conducting as much research as you can for the project. Collect relevant information on the subject from a variety of sources. Organise your research and take notes to ensure that your project is unique.

Plan and organize: Give yourself a deadline to finish and hand in your project. To make it organised, make a plan and follow it.


Students can find the CBSE Class 12 English Project Guide 2023-24 on this page. English Project comprises 3 basic skills, Reading, Listening & Speaking, and Writing Skills. So, you need to practice for this to get the full 20 Marks for the English Project of Class 12 CBSE. Students can also know CBSE Guidelines to Prepare a Good Project and start preparing a very attractive and well-decorated Language Project for class 12th, 2023-24. We wish you All The Best for the Final Exams. Students can also find the class 12 English previous year question paper free of cost with solutions.


Q1. How to prepare CBSE Class 12th English Project 2023-24 Project?

A1. Students need to practice on the 3 main skills:

  • Reading Skills
  • Listening & Speaking Skills
  • Writing Skills

Q2. Which topic is best for English project class 12?

  • The Pros and Cons of Social Media for Teenagers.
  • The Importance of Time Management for Students.
  • The Importance of Environmental Education.
  • The Pros and Cons of Online Learning.

Q3. What is the weightage for CBSE Class 12 English Project?

A2. It comprises 20 Marks, where 5 Marks for Reading, 5 Marks for Listening & Speaking, and 10 Marks for Writing Skills.

Q4. Where Students can get the CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24?

A3. Students can get CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24.

Q5. How many books are there for CBSE Class 12 English Core?

A4. There are 3 NCERT class 12 English Books, namely;

  1. Kaleidoscope
  2. Flamingo
  3. Vistas

Q6. Can we get a Class 12 English Project Topic Idea from the NCERT Books?

Yes. For class 12 English project topics, you may take guidance from NCERT books.

Q7. Is it compulsory to prepare for the CBSE Class 12 English Project?

Your project will act as a foundation for the internal assessment. As a result, it is crucial to prepare an English project.