CBSE Accountancy Project Class 11 (2023-24)


According to CBSE’s latest guidelines issued, there is a specific accounts project class 11 report that needs to be submitted by the students by the end of March 2023-24 to their respective guides in their school. Although the process of submitting the project report is offline for class 11th students to their respective subject teachers. Students can also check class 12 Accountancy project.

Project work Of Class 11 Accounts

The project work of accounts for class 11 consists of 20 Marks where ‘Relevance of the topic’ has 3 Marks, Research work has 6 marks, Presentation Technique has 3 marks, while Viva has the highest weightage of 8 marks which is based on Accountancy Project Topics For Class 11 and some topics to be covered in Class 11 Accountancy Syllabus 2023-24.

It is always said, to score very good marks, students should practice Class 11 Accountancy Sample Paper 2023-24. Students can also make notes to solve the Accountancy question paper to get an idea about the format of the final exam question paper. The 11 class accountancy project needs to be completed with authentic information and research work. Students can read Class 11 NCERT Accountancy Books in PDF format.  

If students need to get the complete information about the Class 11 Accountancy Commerce Subject, then students can simply refer to free Accountancy online classes for class 11th.

This article is designed to assist all the students who really want to have a brief of what an Accounts Project of class 11 should be. This complete guide will surely answer all your questions related to contemplating the Accountancy Project file. Continue reading for the complete details.

Syllabus of Project work

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PART C- Practical Project Test
Written Exams, Viva and Project Report
12 + 4 + 4  = 20

The Project Report for Accounts, which is the PART C of 11th class accounts syllabus, has 20 marks. Generally, the exams are conducted in the month of March Whenever CBSE will update the data and timings of the papers, the school will notify the students or you can reciev it from here. The date and timings for project submission and VIVA will also be notified by school only. The total marks under the PART C of CBSE accounts’ syllabus are further divided into three parts.

Let’s discuss briefly about the division of PART C by CBSE:

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Download the CBSE guideline PDF

  1. Students will learn to Collect source documents, preparation of vouchers, recording of transactions with the help of vouchers.
  2. Students will also prepare a comprehensive project of any sole proprietorship business. This may state with journal entries and their Ledgering, preparation of trial balance. Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Expenses,incomes and profit (loss), assets and liabilities are to be depicted using pie chart / bar diagram.

How to prepare for Class 11th Accounts Project Written Paper

PART C’s first section is the written test paper for which students need to appear at their respective centers. In the written test paper there will be 12 marks for which the student has to answer some questions.

  1. There will be 3 to 4 questions in the written test.
  2. Questions will come from topics- balance sheet, basic terminology used in accounts, bills payment and bill receivable and more.
  3. Each student will be given 1 hour to complete the test.
  4. Students can refer books like Analysis of the financial statement by TS Grewal, NCERT and DK Goel to prepare for written exams of project file.

How to Prepare Accounts Project File class 11

This section consists of 4 marks. Every student has to prepare a report file for project guides. You can score a maximum of 4 marks if your report is neat, impressive, informative and well-formatted in every way.

Here we will share with you the guidelines of CBSE for making an Accounting Project Report for class 11th 2023-24.

1. Guideline by CBSE for class 11 Accountancy Project

Lately, CBSE has reduced its syllabus for accounts project for students of the year 2023-24. Every student will have to make a unique project report from now on. In the past, students needed to submit a comprehensive report and one A comprehensive project report involved all the basic journal entries, balance sheet, P&L accounts, and ratio analysis for a particular firm or company. On the other hand, the project report will cover the company profile, analysis and assessment of financial statements.

From the start of 2023-24, students will now prepare only one report that will save their time and efforts as well.

2. Why 11 class Students Need to Prepare a Accounts Project report?

Every step taken by CBSE has some motive or hidden benefit for the students only. Here are the following reasons why CBSE starters project report:

  1. 1. It helps students to learn the aim, meaning,  limitations and objective of financial statement analysis.
  2. 2. Develop the transaction of imaginary business. The project is to run through the chapters and make the project an interesting process.
  3. 3. Students will be able to make trail balance ledgers , cash book , bank book and other necessary porfomas used in managing business accounts. Statements and also Comparative Statements.
  4. 4. It will help them understand limitations, objectives and advantages of every accounting ratio they will use.

3. Ideas for Accountancy Projects class 11

We advise students to choose the topic which they are familiar with and is also interesting. If a student has a proper understanding of the topic then it becomes easy and fun to make the project on their own.

Students must choose the company that has different products instead of one which is a service-based company. They can also prefer companies with partnerships or some joint firms as well.

Some project ideas for the students for class XI are:

1. Preparation of Trial balance

  • HLL Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Dabur Preparation of Trial balance
  • ITC Preparation of Trial balance

2. Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet 

  • Dabur Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • ITC Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • HLL Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet

3. Depict assets and liabilities using pie chart / bar diagram. 

  • Dabur
  • ITC
  • HLL
  • P&G
  • Nestle

4. Steps for Preparing Project Report

1. Students have to decide which topic to use for the project from ratio analysis report, cash flow analysis report, or the segment report.

2. After the selection of the topic, students should collect all the information about balance sheets. P&L statement, inventory list, and all other finance-related information.

3. Thirdly, you must write some important questions and bet their answers for doing tabulation of data for the company.

4. Now you will start analysing all the taken data with special tools like charts, ratios, and tables for making or reaching a conclusion.

5. You must also prepare a Comparative and Common Size Statement.

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Viva Test of Class 11 Accountancy Project

Last but not the least, students have to give a VIVA test or oral exam that their school will schedule for them. It will be conducted in the month of march after students submit their project report. Students have to give the questions based on their report only. The main aim for the VIVA exam is to find out whether the project helped students learn the  topics or not.

Here are some of the important points focusing on why CBSE class 11 Accounts Online Classes are important for students.

  • Maintains Accounting Records – This is the main objective of accountancy, which helps students to learn how to systematically record transactions.
  • Determines the Financial Position – Another important objective of accountancy is that it helps students to know how the financial position is determined of any business or a company by preparing a Balance Sheet.
  • Accounting Details – Class 11 accounts help candidates to easily determine all the accounting details such as profit or loss, assets, liabilities, and many more.
  • Accurate Information – Account is a data-based subject. By looking at the accounts of any company or a business you will get to know all the details like how much capital invested, what are the liabilities, etc. This also leads to making the right decision for your business or a company.


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FAQs for Class 11 Accountancy Project Guide 2023-24

Q1. How to prepare for the Class 12 Accountancy Project?

A1. Students can refer to this Accountancy Project Guide to get complete information on project guidelines.

Q2. Can we get a Class 11 Accountancy Project Topic Idea from the NCERT Books?

A2. Yes, students can choose any topic from the class 11 Accountancy Syllabus of NCERT Book and start preparing the whole project.

Q3. Is it compulsory to prepare for the CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Project?

A3. Yes, it is compulsory to prepare a well-researched Class 11 Accountancy Project File because it consists of a 20 Marks Project File.

Q4: How to prepare for Class 11 Accountancy Project Viva-Voice?

A4: Students need to only have a well-research done on their topics chosen for the Accountancy Project for class 11. Examiner will ask the project topic-related questions.

Q5: What are the important questions for Accounts VIVA?

A5: VIVA for accounts project class 11 file will have all the questions from related project ideas only.