10 Best Schools in Mansarovar Jaipur for Admission in 2024-25

10 Best Schools in Mansarovar Jaipur for Admission in 2024-25

Schools in Mansarovar play an essential part in shaping the lives of the children, serving as gateways towards academic excellence, character formation, and talent discovery. Beyond academics, these institutions instil values, ethics, and a sense of responsibility among students that prepare them to become well-rounded individuals who will make positive contributions to society. The schools in Jaipur strive for academic excellence and ensure that young minds get the best education and contribute positively to a child’s overall growth and development.

There are a number of schools in this locality, which makes it difficult for parents to select one. With this in mind, in this post, we feature the top 10 schools in Mansarovar Jaipur for admission during 2024-25 to assist parents and guardians in making informed decisions regarding their children’s education. We will mention the facilities they offer, their affiliations, and what makes them unique. Let’s check. 

Top 10 Best Schools In Mansarovar

1. Springfield School

Springfield School

It is one of the Top 10 schools in Mansarovar Jaipur, which has excelled in the field of education and developed significantly in the past few years. It assures a quality school life to provide the best benefit to students. The campus has interactive smart classes from nursery to class 12. Along with quality education, students here are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities and bring a harmonious balance between education and activities.

School Details

Principal NameMr. Keith Rose
School TypeCo-ed
Contact Number0141-2392790, 9024924594 
Email ID[email protected] 
AddressKiran Path, Sector-3, Mansarovar, Jaipur

2. Yugantar International School

Yugantar International School - Schools in Mansarovar

They are not just schools but a second home for your children. Yugantar International School is one of the best CBSE schools in Jaipur, where they intend to provide quality education and focus on sustainable development and life skills teaching. They promote human rights, peace and non-violence, and gender equality to nurture students to be a better human while excelling in academics.

The campus is spread across 10 acres with facilities like smart classrooms for the pre-primary, an outdoor amphitheatre, a KG activity centre, a transport facility, various laboratories, a library, and more. The school is affiliated with CBSE and runs from pre-primary to higher secondary classes.

School Details

Principal NameMrs. Ranjeet Kaur
School TypeCo-ed
Contact Number7737091007, 9116188941, 0141-2983150
Email ID[email protected]
AddressRajeev Vihar A, New Sanganer Rd, opp. to Rajat Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur 

3. Kids Club School

One of the best schools in Mansarovar Jaipur, Kids Club School offers day boarding facilities. The school believes in building a strong foundation for students that helps them excel in academics and co-curricular activities. The school also organizes adventure trips and activities for students to lighten the stress kids feel.

Kids Club School is from nursery to class 12 and is affiliated with the CBSE board. The school’s campus has well-equipped multimedia labs and a library, well-maintained classrooms with modern amenities, a sports ground, a hostel, a counselling centre, and much more.

School Details

Principal NameMrs. Savithri Nair
School TypeCo-ed
Contact Number9549841880, 9425012920, 7737606606
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSumer Nagar Ext, 1, Hanuman Marg, opposite Dhanwantri Hospital, Mansarovar, Jaipur 

4. Neerja Modi School

Neerja Modi School- Schools in Mansarovar

Founded in 2001, it is one of the best Schools in Mansarovar, running from nursery to class 12. The school has CBSE board affiliations and the International Board (IB). The campus of the school is spread across 20 acres and has all the facilities to encourage the overall development of students. It has a cricket ground of international level, an athletic track, a 25-meter swimming lap, badminton, basketball, tennis, volleyball court, and a football field, and more to provide development in the athletic area. Smart classes, a hostel, various labs, dedicated rooms for arts, music and dance, and more are some of the facilities offered at this school.

School Details

Principal NameMrs Indu Dubey
School TypeCo-Ed
Annual FeesINR 1,81,600
Contact Number0141-278 5484
Email ID[email protected]
AddressShipra Path, Shanthi Nagar, Mansarovar, Jaipur, 302020

5. Tagore International School

Tagore International School- Schools in Mansarovar

It is one of the best schools in Mansarovar Jaipur, with the finest infrastructure and facilities that help in kids’ development. Academic development and excellence are their top priority, but they also believe in being all-rounder. Thus, they provide a conducive environment and platform to students, where they can have a strong foundation in academic areas and unfold their hidden talents.

The campus has smart classes, two well-equipped libraries, various labs, performing arts facilities like a music room, drama club, a hostel facility, GPS-enabled transport, and more. The school runs from pre-primary to class 12 and is affiliated with the CBSE board.

School Details

Principal NameMrs. Kamal Rathore
School TypeCo-ed
Annual FeesFor New students-INR 49,000-92,000For Old Students-INR 42,000-80,000
Contact Number0141-2784649/ 2784831, 9785972677, 9079602033
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSector-7, Zone 70, Mansarovar, Mansarovar, Tagore Lane, Jaipur

6. Kendriya Vidyalaya No 5

Opened in 1994, the purpose of Kendriya Vidyalay is to provide quality education to students from Central Government Employees, which now accepts students from all societies. The school runs from Class 1 to Class 12 with an affiliation with the CBSE board. The school campus equips itself with everything students require to develop, like computer labs, science labs, playgrounds, and more.

School Details

Principal NameShri Raghvendra Lalsantania
School TypeCo-ed
Contact Number0141-2784141, 0141-2783722
Email IDE-mail of Principal- [email protected], [email protected] for Counseling-For First Shift- [email protected] Second Shift- [email protected]
Addressnear Burger Farm, Madhyam Marg, Shipra Path, Barh Devariya, Mansarovar, Jaipur

7. Cambridge Court World School

Cambridge Court World School

Providing quality education over 20 years, it is among the best schools in Mansarovar Jaipur. They focus on the overall development of students and adopt an outward-looking, progressive approach to shape their students. The campus is air-conditioned and has many facilities like a digital library, robotics labs, archery zone, smart classes, sports area, science labs, IT labs, CCTVs across campus, audio-visual rooms, accessibility by lift, and much more. The school is from pre-primary to class 12, affiliated with the CBSE board.

School Details

Principal NameMrs. Aarti Shalley
School TypeCo-ed
Annual FeesINR 45,000-65,000 Admission Fees- INR 12,000Caution Money- INR 1000
Contact Number07737615303
Email ID[email protected]
AddressSector-3, Shipra Path, Varun Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur 

8. India International School (IIS)

India International School

With a vision of ‘A Heritage of Vision, A legacy of Innovation’, IIS is one of the CBSE schools in Mansarovar Jaipur where students can also study curriculum by CLSP, CPP, IB, and IGCSE boards. The school has a multi-storied building with facilities, like a home science lab, computer lab, auditorium, smart board classrooms, art room, ICT labs, library, medical room, sports room, language room, activity hall, innovation hub, and more. They focus on the overall development of kids instead of focusing only on academic development. School prepares students to be ready for challenges that will come their way once they graduate from here.

School Details

Principal NameMs. Mala Agnihotri 
School TypeCo-ed
Annual Fees
Contact Number0141-2786402
Email ID[email protected]
AddressKshipra Path, Shipra Path, opposite VT Road, Shanthi Nagar, Mansarovar, Jaipur 

9. Cambridge Court High School

Cambridge Court High School

Established in 1999-2000, it is one of the CBSE schools in Mansarovar Jaipur. They run from nursery to class 12. The school campus is well-maintained and is equipped with all modern facilities like a digital library, labs, innovative classes, a dance hall, a music room, an art room, an audio-video conference room, and more to help students develop in all fields.

School Details

Principal NameSwati Mathur
School TypeCo-ed
Contact Number09928045317 
Email ID[email protected]
AddressArawali Marg, Ward 75, Mansarovar Sector 8, Mansarovar, Jaipur

10. Ryan International School

Ryan International School

Opened in 2004-05, it is the best school in Mansarovar Jaipur, where your child can get an excellent education in Jaipur. The school curriculum comprises ICSE, CBSE, SSC, IB, and IGCSE boards and runs from Montessori to class 12. The school focuses on academic as well as interpersonal growth of students. They focus on the unique needs of every student and overall holistic growth. Encouraging participation in sports and hobby activities, maintaining a healthy learning environment, conducting programs like NASA Educational Programs, and a lot is done by the school to assure your kid reaches his/her full potential.

School Details

Principal NameMs Sarita Katiyar 
School TypeCo-ed
Contact Number0141-2783654, 2781695
Email ID[email protected]
AddressWard 27, Mansarovar Sector 5, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020

Admission Process for Schools in Mansarovar

The schools in Mansarovar follow an admission process similar to many others across India, which includes several common steps. Although individual details may differ between schools, here are some generalized steps used during school admissions:

1. Registration/Application Form

Parents or guardians must complete and submit to the school a registration or application form to provide basic information about their child and family. This document collects this data.

2. Submitting Documents

In addition to an application form, parents must submit certain documents such as their child’s birth certificate, proof of residence documents and photographs as requested by the school.

3. Entrance Test/Assessment

Also, some schools require that their students undergo an entrance or assessment test or assessment to get admission. This can include written exams, interviews, or practical assessments to assess a child’s abilities.

4. Interaction/Interview Sessions

Many schools conduct interaction/interview sessions with both children and parents to better understand their personalities, interests and family expectations. These interactions or interviews provide the school with an invaluable opportunity to understand these areas more fully.

5. Merit-Based Selection

Some schools admit students based on merit, taking into account factors like academic performance and extracurricular achievements, as well as fairness measures like lottery systems to select students based on merit alone.

6. Fee Payment

Once their child gets admission, parents need to pay the admission fee and any related charges such as tuition fees, security deposits or any additional expenses that may apply. This could include admission fees, tuition fees or miscellaneous costs that arise.

7. Orientation

Schools also host an orientation program for new students and their families to familiarize them with its policies, facilities and academic expectations.

8. Books & Uniform Purchase

Parents need to purchase school uniforms, textbooks and any additional required materials as specified by their child’s school. Then, they will attend the school as per the schedule and timings. 

Documents Required for Admission

When proceeding for the admission in the schools of Mansarovar, parents need to submit a few essential documents or else there are chances that the application will get rejected. A few common documents are:

  • Passport Size Photos
  • ID of student
  • Residential Proof
  • ID of parents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marksheets and certificates
  • Parent’s Occupation proof
  • Marksheet and certificate of class 10 for class 11 admission
  • Transfer certificate from the previous school
  • Medical certificate (for special needs students)
  • Income certificate (in reservation cases)
  • Caste certificate (in reservation cases)

How To Select The Best School In Mansarovar For Your Child?

Selecting the best school in Mansarovar for your child is a crucial decision that can significantly impact their education and overall development. To make an informed choice, you should consider the following key factors:

1. Faculty/Teachers

Carefully review the qualifications and experience of teaching staff members, making sure that each subject area has experienced teachers. Additionally, consider schools which invest in continuous teacher development to enhance educational quality.

2. Infrastructure 

To assess the quality of infrastructure at a school campus, visit it and take note of classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, and any additional amenities present on site. Also, check to make sure the school provides a safe and conducive learning environment, including well-kept facilities and cleanliness. Review whether modern teaching aids and technology are present in classrooms, which may enhance learning.

3. Board of Medium 

Assign your child to one of several educational boards, such as CBSE, ICSE or state boards to study under. Each has its own curriculum and assessment methods that they adhere to.

Consider your child’s future educational plans and career goals when selecting a board. Certain boards may be more suitable than others for certain career paths. 

4. Past Results

Assess the school’s past academic performance of schools in Mansarovar, including board exam results and any noteworthy extracurricular achievements. Speak with current and former students as well as their parents to gain more insight into its success at producing successful graduates.

5. Fee Structure 

Also, consider whether the school’s fee structure fits into your budget, taking into account additional costs such as uniforms, books, transportation and extracurricular activities. Be wary of schools charging extremely high tuition without providing clear justification for what it adds in terms of added value. When researching options, always inquire about scholarships or financial aid opportunities if applicable to your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the No. 1 school in Mansarovar?

Ryan International School is the best school in Mansarovar. 

2. Which board is best for school?

The CBSE board is the best for school. 

3. Which is the best school with a hostel in Mansarovar?

Neerja Modi School is the best school with a hostel in Mansarovar. It has separate boardings for girls and boys. 

4. What are the school options available in Mansarovar?

There are various school options available in Mansarovar like Springfield School, Yugantar International School, Kids Club School, Tagore International School, Ryan International School, etc, are a few options available in Mansarovar. 

5. How do I decide if a school is right for my child?

Check the school’s affiliation, faculty expertise, fee structure, the infrastructure, past results, and the security measures that the school employs. 

6. What is the fee structure for schools in Mansarovar?

Schools in Mansarovar generally ask for quarterly fees along with other applicable fees. 

7. Are there any extracurricular activities and clubs available in the schools in Mansarovar?

Yes, schools offer various extracurricular activities and clubs like sports, art, dance, music, and more. 

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