Online Classes Advantages for Students During Lockdown

Online Classes Advantages for Students During Lockdown

COVID-19 has changed many lives drastically. Be it parents or students, teacher or principal, everyone has been struggling with this new normal. All are trying to accommodate their routine with this crisis. According to the recent studies, over 85% daily work went online from offline. This was the year when school initiated online classes for students of primary, secondary and senior secondary. Are there any online classes advantages? Well, read further to know more about online classes.

Not only regular school, even the tuition center, coaching centers, all went online and tried to cope up with studies.

Going Online Means

Now every Indian home has that corner where the kids have their own setup of online classroom. Students have adorned that corner with a table, a chair, a laptop , desktop or tablets with headphone, a high-speed internet service provider, and a book or copy (only in some cases).

Schools, colleges, coaching institute provide online classes through mode of internet. In internet classes, students and teachers meet virtually through different devices; like zoom meeting, google meets, pen drive, video lectures, WebEx, podcast, YouTube videos and more.

Though there are many things that student must miss about offline classes. The most valuable one are meeting friends, the blackboard, the lunch breaks, the school campus, but if we talk about studies, not much seems left out. Many parents are worried about the increased screen time of their child. For them, online studies are not only affecting kids’ physical health but also making them socially handicapped. We don’t deny but, at the same time we have to accept the changes and make the best out of it.

Online classes are here to stay, and it is better we readily accept the pros and cons of it. This blog is to summarise all the pros or advanatges of online classes. It is to encourage student and parents in active participations in online classes for students.

Online classes for Students in India

The lockdown not only disrupted the GDP of India but also immensely affected the learning process of children. And to avoid that, many schools started online classes. These classes helped children in keeping their study routine intact.

The whole idea of online class is to not let children’s education hamper because of the pandemic. Many schools, colleges and other institutions adapted it but many are still resilient about the idea of online classes.

Online classes follow the same syllabus and curriculum of offline classes. the fundamental difference between online and offline class is the infrastructure of learning space and mode of taking exams.

Unlike offline classroom, online classroom is more comfortable and private space between teacher and students. The other major difference is that online classes exams are totally under students’ integrity as teacher are not present in their space during exams. There are more advantages of online classes for students which made it such big across globe.

Advantages of Online Classes

Further from here, we will discuss the various benefits of online classes for students that helped them to be regular with studies after pandemic crisis.

Below mentioned are some online classes advantages for students

1. Study when your mind is at its best : flexibility

Apart from helping children with keeping their routine intact, online classes offer many worthwhile benefits like flexible timings. Now children can start, stop, pause, resume or record their online class whenever and wherever they want. This flexibility of time has helped the entire family to manage their schedule. Not only this, students also got the opportunity to study when they are mentally ready to study. Hence, their conceptual understanding has increased because of flexibility of timing in online classes.

2. Pay only for what you want to learn : Affordability

Various online courses are not only great for making children learn about things but also they are much more affordable than the courses which offline/traditional classes have to offer. Online classes can save up a lot money and trouble of travelling to the schools, colleges and other institutions. At the same time, online classes also have scope to pay only for the classes students actually need. There are videos and lectures available for specific chapters on YouTube, pen drive for students. VidyaSetu also provides chapter wise lectures from professional teacher for class11th and 12th students, free of cost. We are sure online classes have saved a lot of bucks for many students so far.

3. Add more skills to your personality: Time Saving

Online classes can save up a lot of travelling time, which can be further use in more productive activities during this lockdown. Children can use the gap between the two classes to refresh themselves. Or they can develop a new skill set to enhance their persona. Nothing can be more rewarding than the “time”, which is most scarce resource for everyone in today’s time.

4. 101 Hesitation-Free Doubt Solving

With online classes it becomes easier for the children to ask their doubt as they do not have to hesitate about what other kids would think. This makes children (especially an introvert one) comfortable in asking whatever question or doubts he/she has about the particular subject. With hassle-free doubt session it becomes easier for children to study in higher classes as their base and doubts get clear at an early stage. With this one-on-one approach in online classes, VidyaSetu has helped many students to speak their mind and resolve the doubt by commenting on our video lectures on YouTube.

5. Provides an opportunity to Learn New Technology: different modes of learning

In this new era where everything is turning into digital, covid 19 crises turned even education into digital. One of the best online classes advantages in lockdown is that children have the opportunity to learn how to operate computers and laptops. Not only they are getting familiar with devices like pen drive, camera, microphones, speakers, they now have acquaintance with internet and browsers, study apps, online platforms, podcast channels and many more. So, it makes it easy for them to learn from the entire internet encyclopedia, which has a plethora of knowledge to offer. Once children get in the regular practice of using internet for doubts, they can always move from one video or article to another for the deeper knowledge of the subject.

6. Better Attendance

It takes a lot time and trouble to wake up and get ready but with the closure of the schools this routine is no more followed. Children can attend their classes whenever they want. Even if they are ill or there’s other family emergency, they can always spare out few hours to lock the door and attend the classes. Now they are left with less reasons to escape the classes and therefore attain better attendance in online classroom as compared to offline classroom.

7. Trackable School Records: transparency

With everything turning into online, even attendance and assignments are available for online platforms to make it easier for children and their parents to track the child’s performance in terms of attendance, punctuality, assignments and much more. Even the teacher can notice how the teachers or their kid perform in the class, thus giving them the opportunity to take timely action if required.

8. No excuse to skip the classes: easy accessibility

When we talk about the benefits on online classes during lockdown, this one always wins. Children have easy accessibility to the classes with either their phones, computers, laptops, ipads etc. phones and computers. All these gadgets are easily available almost at every household these days. Now children can attend their classes irrespective of wherever they are.

9. Limitless Learning Opportunities

If internet is used wisely then there are ample of learning opportunities for them. They can directly go on YouTube and search for anything. From their favorite subject and from one video to another, they can gain immense knowledge to lead in their particular field. Even google and other browsers are itself great teachers. If children get stuck anywhere, they always have the option to search for their particular problem on internet and get the valuable insights unlike the old times when meaning of any word was being searched in the thick dictionary.

10. Generates Attention of Parents

It is been observed that parents are now more attentive toward children’s studies and behaviour because of the online classes. Earlier parents never used to know what their children are learning in the school, or how they are being taught by the teachers. But this COVID-19 situation has turned the things upside down, especially for parents of kindergarten children who now know how their children are being taught and how teachers communicate with children to make them understand a few things. And obviously parents know very well what they are paying for in the school.

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In The Nutshell,

There is no limit to what your children can learn through online classes. Above are 10 lists of online classes advantages during lockdown. With the changing times, specially during this pandemic, many have adapted different things to get the work going. Likewise, many schools and institutions decided to start online classes. We understand the toughness of parents as well as students to adapt this new education system but slowly they’ll understand it is helping your children grow particularly and preparing them well for the upcoming future.

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