Download Updated PDF of NCERT Class 11 Biology Book

ncert class 11 biology book

NCERT Class 11 biology book helped the students to secure outstanding results in the board exam. Almost every CBSE schools in Jaipur follow NCERT biology books because it prepares as per the updated syllabus of CBSE. Class 11 biology is beneficial for medical appearing students. Therefore each chapter of the NCERT 11 biology book is deeply analyzed. Not only for medical students but also for competitive students’ NCERT class 11 biology book is helpful. Thus most of the students follow the NCERT class 11 biology book.

However, most schools prepare their question paper by following the NCERT class 11 biology book. This book is beneficial for the students, and quickly, a student can understand each point.

Biology is quite difficult for the class 11th students. Because these are 16 chapters available in the NCERT 11 biology book, students must have to join the best coaching institute to understand each chapter of biology. Vidya Setu offers the best Biology online classes and notes. Moreover, you can easily understand the concept of biology with Vidya Setu. As a result, you secure good marks in your class 11 board exam. 

Let’s know why Vidya Setu advises students to follow the NCERT class 11 biology book.

Why Vidya Setu follows NCERT class 11 biology book?

However, NCERT books are essential for the class 11 examination. Vidya Setu also advises students to follow the Biology-class XII NCERT books. Here is the reason below:-

NCERT class 11 biology book is prepared by following the updated syllabus of the CBSE board.

Additionally, most of the questions are asked from the NCERT book in the board exam. There is no question asked from outside.

However, NCERT class 11 biology books provide deep knowledge about each subject.

Besides these, the language of the NCERT biology book is straightforward. Therefore it helps more in preparation for the class 11 board exam.

Especially you found a wide range of question-answer sessions at the end of each chapter.

In fact, the cost of the NCERT book is very affordable so that each student can use it.

Moreover, you can also get the NCERT class 11 biology book PDF which helps you to secure good numbers in the board exam.

So you can easily download the NCERT Class 11 Biology PDF from Vidya Setu from the links provided here.

How Vidya Setu helps you in class 11 biology exam?

The below qualities of Vidya setu helps you in your Class 11 biology exam.

Delivers quality teaching facility

Vidya Setu’s online class knows how essential class 11 biology is for students.  Therefore we hire an expert biology teacher for class 11. The expert elaborately explains all the biology book chapters and helps you understand the concept. As a result, students get better grades in biology. Not only for the board exam but also for the medical entrance exam, class 11 biology is essential. So the qualified teachers help the students to cover all chapters easily.

Follow the NCERT class 11 biology book.

Another quality of the Vidya setu online class is it follows NCERT class 11 biology textbook as everyone knows that NCERT books are best for CBSE students. Thus Vidya setu helps students by providing coaching from the biology 11th NCERT book. The expert teaching staff of Vidya setu covers each chapter of botany and zoology effectively. Moreover, by following the biology book for class 11 NCERT, the expert offers extensive information about each subject. 

Provides you with a proper study plan

Additionally, a proper study plan is very much important for class 11 students. Vidya setu helps class 11 students by giving them an appropriate timetable for biology. However, the experts prepare a proper time chart that contains chapter-wise essential tips. Besides this, Vidya setu also provides a unique strategy to cover the class 11 biology before two months of the CBSE board exam. Vidya setu also gives class 11th biology book PDF, which carries each chapter in simple language. However, this leads to a secure 90% score in the class 11 biology exam.

Helps you with the diagrams and essential terminology

The diagram is an essential part of biology. However, a student must find some diagrams in the CBSE board exam. So that Vidya setu helps the students to draw a suitable diagram. The terminologies are also equally important for the biology exam. Therefore vidya setu advice and guide students to practice diagrams and essential terminology before the exam. With the help of Vidya setu, a student can be an expert on the biological diagram.

Helps you to solve the previous year question paper and sample paper

Practice is very important for the biology exam. Therefore Vidya setu encouraged and guided the students to solve the previous year’s question paper. Besides this, a student can practice more through sample papers. With the help of this, students can know the question pattern of the CBSE class 11 biology paper. Vidya setu provides these practising papers to the students to enhance their knowledge of biology. After that, students are capable of appearing on the board exam effectively.

Provides revision sessions and doubt clearing classes

Although this revision is necessary for the class 11 biology exam, Vidya setu is especially arranging the revision sessions for the class 11th students. In these sessions, Vidya setu also helps students to cover each chapter effectively. However, the doubt clearing classes are also provided by Vidya setu classes. The experts personally solve all the doubts of each student. There is a Whatsapp group for the class 11 biology students. In this group, a student can ask their query anytime. And the expert solves these queries immediately. As a result, students can appear for the exam effectively. 


NCERT Class 11 biology book played a vital role in the CBSE board exam, but proper learning and guidance are necessary for each student. The Vidya setu class provides quality learning and guidance that helps you score good numbers in the exam. Moreover, Vidya setu teaches you proper time management and strategy for your board exam. In the end, if you want to get deep knowledge about class 11 biology, join Vidya setu classes immediately.