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class 11 physics book

CBSE class 11th students follow the NCERT books for their board exam. However, these books help the students detail each subject and chapter. Class 11 physics book, as per NCERT, is very helpful for the students. However, every chapter of the book is prepared as per the updated syllabus of CBSE. Moreover, if a student follows this book, then he/she will secure good marks in their CBSE board exam. Not only for class 11th but also class 6th to class 12th students of CBSE can follow NCERT books.

This book covers every single chapter sequentially. As a result, the students quickly cover all the syllabus of the CBSE board exam. Most of the teachers prefer NCERT books for each subject. Besides this, NCERT books are also available in PDF format. These PDFs also contain all the topics of each subject. 

NCERT’s class 11 physics book is also available in PDF format. If you want to upload a class 11 physics book PDF specifically, you must upload it from the NCERT website. This PDF will help you know each chapter deeply, for which you enhance your knowledge. Moreover, you can also upload mathematics, chemistry, English, and another subject of the 11th class of the CBSE board. 

Class 11th Physics Syllabus

The CBSE board class 11th physics textbook is divided into two terms. In term one, you will get Unit- I to Unit- VI. Further in this term, there are eight chapters available. All these chapters carry 35 marks for the final exam. Likewise, in the second term, there are seven chapters from Unit – VII to Unit- X. similarly, this term also carries 35 marks for the final exam.

Whenever a student follows all these units with the NCERT book, he/she can upgrade his/her knowledge. Here is the syllabus for 1st term of 11th physics.

Unit noName of unitsMarks
Unit-IPhysical World and Measurement 20 marks
Chapter 1- Physical World
Chapter 2- Units and Measurements
Chapter 3- motion in a straight line
Chapter 4- motion in a plane
Unit–IIILaws of Motion
Chapter 5- laws of motion
Unit–IVWork, Energy and Power 15 marks
Chapter 6- work, energy and power
Chapter 8- gravitation
Total35 marks

Here is the 2nd term syllabus of physics.

Unit noName of unitsMarks
Unit VIIProperties of Bulk Matter 23marks
Chapter 9- Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter 10- Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Chapter 11- Thermal Properties of Matter
Unit VIIIThermodynamics
Chapter 12- Thermodynamics
Unit IXKinetic Theory Gases
Chapter 13-Kinetic Theory
Unit XOscillation and Waves12 marks
Chapter 14-Oscillations
Chapter 15-Waves
Total 35 marks

Moreover, the 1st term and 2nd term of physics cover only 70 marks, which are written papers. Practical paper of physics also carries 30 marks. This is equally important as a written paper. Therefore students must submit practical records which have:-

  • Record of at least 15 Experiments (with a minimum of 8 from section A and seven from section B), to be performed by the students
  • Record of at least 5 Activities (with a minimum of 2 each from section A and section B), to be performed by the students
  • Report of the project to be carried out by the students.

Class 11th Physics Book

Term 2 Class 11 Physics Book

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Chapter 2Download
Chapter 3Download
Chapter 4Download
Chapter 5Download
Chapter 6Download
Chapter 7Download
Chapter 8Download

Term 2 class 11 Physics Book

Chapter 9Download
Chapter 10Download
Chapter 11Download
Chapter 12Download
Chapter 13Download
Chapter 14Download
Chapter 15Download

Why NCERT book PDFs important for class 11th students?

Most CBSE students follow NCERT books because this book helps them secure good marks in the exam. NCERT provides all subject books for CBSE board students. Again, this book has many qualities for which students and teachers refer to this book. Now every student gets PDFs of NCERT books similar to a textbook. Here are some quality NCERT books.

Low cost

First of all, this book is very low cost. If you compare the price of NCERT all books with another board book, you will find its cost less. Besides this, the book consists of straightforward languages that are easy to understand for any student. Once you upload NCERT class 11 physics book PDF, you will know the difference and simplicity of NCERT books.

Deep information

Secondly, The PDFs of NCERT carry detailed information about each chapter. The physics book PDF of class 11th students has in-depth information about each topic which is very easy to understand. For this reason, all the students like to class 11 physics book PDF download.

Helps to secure good marks

Thirdly NCERT pdf helps to secure good marks. Moreover, all the NCERT books PDFs carry all the information of the subjects. You will find a point-wise solution to every question in these books. Additionally, all the PDFs of NCERT books have extra question-answer sessions. Therefore the students learn more things about a chapter. You can also get a class 11 physics classes free with Vidya Setu.

Provide correct information

Fourthly all the PDFs of NCERT books provide correct information about each chapter. Every chapter of NCERT books carries only the necessary information which helps the students in the exams. At the end of the NCERT PDFs, students get extra questions that enhance their knowledge. For this reason, they can appear final exam strongly.

Apart from all these things, these books follow the updated syllabus of CBSE. Thus students of the CBSE board like to follow all subjects of NCERT books. , not only for board exams but also for various entrance and competitive exams, these books help a lot. Whenever a student follows the NCERT book, he/she can prepare notes easily. Mainly this book briefly describes all the content and highlights the important chapters for the students.

Tips to secure good number in 11th physics

Most students want to secure good numbers in a physics exam. Class 11th physics is not much difficult. However, if you want to secure good marks in class 11th physics, you must follow these tips.

  • Firstly you have to prepare a proper timetable for study. You must complete all the syllabus before the exam. Moreover, you can also schedule a strategy to provide the same importance to each chapter of physics.
  • Secondly, you must practice previous year exam questions. These question papers help you to know the pattern of the exam. However, you can also know the important topics through the question paper.
  • Thirdly try to complete all your physics chapters before two months of the exam. After that, you get enough time to revise all the physics chapters. You must follow the NCERT 11th class physics book PDFs for your exam.
  • Fourthly shortlist the difficult physics chapters and try to revise these difficult chapters more. Whenever you follow all the study tips, indeed, you can score well in your class 11th physics exam.


Besides all the above tips, hard work is essential for every exam. But the NCERT class 11 physics book will help students understand every chapter of physics easily. Undoubtedly NCERT is one of the best solutions for CBSE board students. NCERT also provides an accessible download facility for students. These PDFs carry essential points of each subject. Finally, if you want to enhance your knowledge in physics, you must follow the NCERT physics books.