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Hi! Let us know why CBSE class 11 is important to study.

CBSE class 11 is a beginning stage for every student to excel in their career in their respective fields. Class 11 Biology is a very important subject for commerce students. Students looking to score good grades in Biology, then you must download CBSE class 11 Biology revision notes of each chapter from Vidya Setu. The revision notes of CBSE class 11 Biology provided by Vidya Setu is sketched in such a way that it follows revised CBSE Board guidelines.  Given below are points focusing on why CBSE class 11 Biology is important to study for students.

  • To know the animal and plant biological happenings.
  • To know about the human digestive, respiratory, skeleton, respiratory system, etc. 
  • To know the process of growth of plants, the supply of nutrients, and the process of photosynthesis. 
  • It also helps students to know about the cells and their divisions. 
  • It also helps class 11 students to know about the living beings all around the universe. 

CBSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus- Unit Wise

The CBSE class 11 biology exam theory paper is of a total of 70 marks and is conducted for 3 hours. The CBSE class 11 biology syllabus unit wise is given below:

1Diversity of living organisms12
2Structural organization in plants and animals12
3Cell: structure and function12
4Plant physiology 17
5Human physiology17
 Total 70

CBSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus- Chapter Wise

CBSE class 11 biology is a vast syllabus for students. So before preparing for exams CBSE class 11 students must go through the syllabus. 

Name of the UnitsName of the Chapters
Diversity of living organismsChapter 1- the living world Chapter 2- biological classification Chapter 3- plant kingdom Chapter 4- animal kingdom
Structural organization in plants and animalsChapter 5- morphology of flowering plants Chapter 6- anatomy of flowering plants Chapter 7- structural organization in animals
Cell: structure and functionChapter 8- Cell: the unit of life Chapter 9- biomolecules Chapter 10- the cell cycle and cell division
Plant physiology Chapter 11- transport in plants Chapter 12- mineral nutrition Chapter 13- photosynthesis in higher plants Chapter 14- respiration in plants Chapter 15- plant- growth and development
Human physiologyChapter 16- digestion and absorption Chapter 17- breathing and exchange of gases Chapter 18- body fluids and circulation Chapter 19- excretory products and their elimination Chapter 20- locomotion and movement Chapter 21- neural control and coordination Chapter 22- chemical coordination and integration

CBSE Class 11 Biology Revision Notes – Chapterwise

What You Will Learn

  • From CBSE class 11 biology candidates will learn the basics of biology.
  • Students will learn the biological happenings around the universe.
  • CBSE class 11 biology will help students to learn about the plants. 
  • CBSE class 11 biology will help students to learn about human organs. 
  • From CBSE class 11 biology, students will learn about the different cells and molecules. 

Who this course is for:

  • CBSE class 11 biology is for students who opted for science with biology after completion of class 10th.
  • Who is interested to learn about the living beings around the universe. 
  • Who is interested to learn about the biological nature of humans, plants, animals.
  • Who wants to have a crystal clear concept of biology.