Download CBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper

cbse class 12 political science sample paper

CBSE class 12 political science sample paper 2021 is now available here at Vidya Setu for download as PDF, with complete solutions. Candidates appearing for the class 12th exam should solve the latest CBSE class 12 political Science sample paper 2021 for the preparation of the upcoming CBSE political science exams. Class 12th students who have to appear for the class 12th political science exam 2021 must start their preparation now. Class 12 is very crucial for every student. They need to prepare very well for the CBSE class 12th board exam. For students political science as a subject, have landed in the right place, here you can download the CBSE class 12 Political Science sample paper 2021. 

Vidya Setu provides candidates with CBSE class 12 political science sample paper 2021 with its solution. By solving CBSE sample papers of political science class 12, students can check their preparation level for the upcoming political science exam. Students can also enrich their writing skills and can get familiar with how to write proper answers. 

For attempting, CBSE class 12 political science sample paper 2021 students need to understand how many words they need to answer the questions according to the marks allocation.

CBSE board has made some major changes in the exam pattern this year. So, before looking towards the CBSE class 12 political science sample paper 2021, let’s focus on the marking scheme of the sample paper of political science class 12. Download PDF of the marking scheme of class 12 political science

  • More Number of Objective Type Questions- This year CBSE has increased the objective questions. Out of 80 marks paper, only 60 marks will be allotted to subjective questions. There will be more MCQs. This year, the CBSE board has focused on lessening the burden of lengthy papers in exams. Now, Students can score high in their CBSE class 12 political science exam 2021. 
  • Increased Number of Internal Choices- CBSE board has increased the number of internal choices by 33%. Students will have the option to select the question for which they are more confident. Henceforth, this will lead to scoring more in the CBSE class 12 exams. 

Download CBSE Class 12 POLITICAL SCIENCE Sample Paper 2021

59-1-2 (Political Science)Download
59-1-2 (Political Science)Download
59-1-3 (Political Science)Download
59-2-1 (Political Science)Download
59-2-2 (Political Science)Download
59-2-3 (Political Science)Download
59-3-1 (Political Science)Download
59-3-2 (Political Science)Download
59-3-3 (Political Science)Download
59-4-1 (Political Science)Download
59-4-2 (Political Science)Download
59-4-3 (Political Science)Download
59-5-1 (Political Science)Download
59-5-2 (Political Science)Download
59-5-3 (Political Science)Download

Political Science (Punjabi)

221-3-1 Political Science (Punjabi)Download
221-3-2 Political Science (Punjabi)Download
221-3-3 Political Science (Punjabi)Download

CBSE Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 2021- General Instructions:

General Instructions: Read the following instructions very carefully and strictly follow them:

  • The question paper comprises three Sections – A, B, and C.
    • Section A – 20 marks
    • Section B – 30 marks
    • Section C- 30 marks
  • There are 10 questions in the question paper. All questions are compulsory.
  • There is no overall choice. However, an internal choice has been provided in one question in Section A, four questions in Section B and three questions in Section C. Make your choice correctly.
  • However, separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. 
  • Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.

Why candidates are advised to solve sample papers?

  • It helps students by knowing what kind of questions can come in the political science examination.
  • Students will be aware of the marking scheme and the question pattern.
  • Candidates can analyze their preparation for the coming exam by solving the previous year’s question papers.
  • Candidates even practice how to manage time during exams.

We hope that CBSE class 12th candidates have found the CBSE class 12 political Sample Paper of the CBSE board beneficial for preparation for the political science exam. Stay tuned with VidyaSetu, and it will keep you updated and tuned for all the information regarding CBSE Board.