NCERT Books for Class 11 Chemistry- Download PDF

ncert books for class 11 chemistry

Students preparing for the Class 11 examinations and other competitive examinations such as JEE Mains,  JEE Advanced, BITSAT, etc., should thoroughly study the NCERT books for class 11 chemistry. Additionally, numerous state-level entrance tests, engineering entrance exams and medical entrances such as NEET and others are available. Also, the NCERT Chemistry textbooks are well-written, with the best potential explanations of each notion. Additionally, one can find many solved examples. Moreover, the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is the ruling body. It also oversees the curriculum for all CBSE students, particularly those in Class 11.

Also, NCERT keeps the NCERT books for 11th chemistry up to date by using the most recent question papers from each year. Moreover, the NCERT Chemistry books for Class 11 are prevalent for their briefing.

Additionally, the textbooks are simple to read and comprehend. Moreover, around 15% to 20% of the questions in JEE exams appear straight from lessons covered in NCERT books for class 11 chemistry. Additionally, many students find the chemistry curriculum to be confusing and overwhelming.

Hence, the topics in chemistry are quite diverse. Also, it is easy to become perplexed by the numerous topics covered in the syllabus.

Additionally, students can now easily access the chemistry NCERT class 11 textbook in PDF Format. Also, the links for NCERT chemistry class 11 PDF download are as below:

Class 11 Syllabus For Chemistry

The NCERT Class 11 syllabus chemistry can help you understand the marking scheme and exam pattern. Hence, a student can prepare well themselves. Additionally, when a student completes all of these units using the NCERT book, they will be able to improve their knowledge. So, here is the 11th-grade chemistry syllabus for both the terms

CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Chemistry Term 1

1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry1011
2Structure of Atom12
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties64
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure146
5Redox Reactions45
7Organic Chemistry: Some basic Principles and Techniques109

Evaluation Scheme for CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Term 

S. NoPracticalMarks
1Volumetric Analysis8
2Content Based experiment2
3Class record and viva(Internal Examiner)5

CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Chemistry Term 2

1States of Matter: Gases and Liquids9      15
2Chemical Thermodynamics          14
3Equilibrium      12
4s -Block Elements5    11
5Some p -Block Elements9
6Hydrocarbons      109

Evaluation Scheme for CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Term 2

S. NoPracticalMarks
1Salt Analysis8
2Content Based Experiment2
3Project Work and Viva(Internal)5

Moreover, The NCERT syllabus emphasises this book to make it student-friendly and beneficial for both students and exam preparation candidates. Also, the book provides a detailed Chemistry section depending on multiple boards’ syllabuses. Moreover, NCERT Chemistry Books for Class 11 are completely compatible with almost all India’s state and national education boards.

Benefits of NCERT Chemistry Class 11 PDF

Mostly, all the CBSE affiliated institutes and students are recommended for NCERT Books. Additionally, for CBSE board students, NCERT offers all subject books. This book, once again, has many attributes that students and educators applaud. Hence, now every student can download ” ncert chemistry class 11 pdf” and ncert chemistry class 11 part 2 pdf. Moreover, these PDFS are similar to textbooks. Here are a few benefits of NCERT books.

Cost-Effective Solution

First and foremost, this book is inexpensive. Moreover, the PDFs are free of cost at Vidya Setu.  When you compare the prices of NCERT all books to the price of some other authored books, you will notice that NCERT all books are less expensive. Also, the book uses plain vocabulary that any student can understand. Moreover, students will understand the difference and easiness of NCERT books once they have downloaded the NCERT chemistry class 11 PDF.

In-depth knowledge

Also, the NCERT PDFs contain extensive information about every chapter. Moreover, the chemistry NCERT class 11 textbook contains in-depth details on every topic that is simple to comprehend. As a result, all students prefer to download the class 11 chemistry PDF. Moreover, PDFs can be of excellent use when you don’t have the books with you. 

Assists in achieving good grades

Also, NCERT pdf aids in achieving good grades. Furthermore, all NCERT books PDFs contain all of the subject information. 

Additionally, every question has a point-by-point solution. In addition, all NCERT PDF books include additional question-and-answer sessions. As a result, students will learn much about a chapter. Also, Vidya Setu offers free physics classes for students in class 11.

Give accurate information.

Also, all NCERT book PDFs contain accurate information for each chapter. Moreover, the NCERT books for class 11 chemistry books have only the needed details in every chapter. Also, this helps students pass their exams. Additionally, students get additional questions at the end of the chapters that help them learn more. As a result, they have a good chance of passing the final exam.

Also, these books adhere to the CBSE’s most recent syllabus. Thus, CBSE board students prefer to study all subject matters from NCERT books. Moreover, these books are beneficial not just for board examinations. But also for numerous entrance and other competitive exams. Additionally, when a student studies the NCERT book, it is simple to prepare notes. Moreover, this book summarises the content and emphasizes the most vital chapters for students. Also, these PDFs include all of the subject’s topics.

Additionally, the NCERT chemistry class 11 PDF takes you through each chapter in order. As a result, the students can cover the entire CBSE board exam schedule. Moreover, for each topic, the majority of teachers favour NCERT books. In addition, NCERT books can be downloaded in PDF format.

The NCERT chemistry class 11 PDF takes you through each chapter in order. As a result, the students can cover the entire CBSE board exam schedule. Moreover, for each topic, the majority of teachers favour NCERT books. In addition, NCERT books can be downloaded in PDF format. 

Also, these PDFs include all of the subject’s topics.

Strategies To Pass Chemistry Exam With Good Marks

However, most students want to do well in the Chemistry exam. Chemistry in 11th grade is not particularly difficult. However, if you wish to get better grades in Chemistry in 11th grade, you should follow these guidelines.

  • First and foremost, you must create a study schedule. Also, before the exam, you must finish the entire syllabus. Moreover, you can also plan a strategy to give each chemistry chapter the same degree of significance.
  • Second, you should practise exam questions from previous years. These question papers will help you understand the exam format. Moreover, you can learn about the relevant aspects from the question paper.
  • Third, try to finish all of your chemistry chapters well before the exam, two months away. Hence, you’ll have plenty of time to go over all of the physics chapters again. Also, for your examination, you must use the NCERT 11th class chemistry book PDFs.

Vidyasetu Best Study Tips


Aside from the advice mentioned above, every exam necessitates hard work. However, the NCERT books for class 11 chemistry book will simplify students to an understanding of each chapter of chemistry. So, head on to Vidya Setu and start your chemistry preparations today.