How to Score Good Marks in Class 12 Board Exams

How to Score Good Marks in Class 12 Board Exams

Class 12 is crucial for every student and they need to score good marks to end their school life on a good note. Students often ask how to score good marks and get very subjective answers and not anything practical which they can apply.

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Vidya Setu Learning provides online classes, study materials, and tips to score 90% marks. These are easy and practical so that students can get some real results and not just fake promises. The CBSE class 12 students should go through the article below to know all the preparation tips.

Using the last few months before the exam is very important as it decides the preparation level and should be taken with utmost seriousness. The CBSE class 12 exams are important for students as it is a deciding factor during college admissions.

Hence, the knowledge they gain in the 12th standard comes out to be the basis of what they are going to study in college. Thus students should be very conscious of making decisions related to exam preparation to score good marks.

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams

Class 12 Board exams are not far away and are soon approaching leaving students with less time each day. The classes are happening online due to which students might need extra help with the completion of the syllabus. Students might be worried as to how to complete the syllabus in one month and get 90% marks in exams. The solution to all of the student’s problems can be figured out by joining Vidya Setu Learning Online classes for class 12.

Class 12 Date sheet is out and as per class 12 toppers according to class 12 results, there are few points to keep in mind while preparing for both online and offline exams. These points will not only help to write an efficient answer and further in scoring good marks Students consistently ask questions like how to how to manage time for study in class 12 or how to score good marks in exams. The below-provided points provide a solution to all the queries students have regarding how to prepare for board exams class 12.

Steps to Score Good Marks in Exams

    • Prepare the Time Table-

Before starting the syllabus, students should make a timetable and the amount of time which they are willing to spend on every subject every day. Preparing the timetable and planning every day will help them to stay focus and not feel directionless after a point in time.

    • Cover Your Syllabus Books First-

Students often start preparing from reference books and completely forget about The NCERT books prescribed by CBSE. But 80% board exam paper is made from the NCERT books only. A lot of tutors ask students to solve difficult questions but rather the paper can be solved by the mere understanding of the topic and regular practice. Hence, students should make sure to solve the syllabus book thoroughly before moving towards the reference books or sample papers.

    • Practice Past Exam Papers-

Once the syllabus book prescribed by different boards is solved and practiced properly. Students can move on to solving mock test papers and sample papers. The sample papers are given out by the CBSE itself so that students can get an idea on how to manage to complete the exam on time and at the same time able to get better marks. Previous year question papers and class 12 sample papers are all available at Vidya Setu Learning. They are free of cost and have solutions attached with them with which paper can be solved easily.

    • Figure Out the Important Topics-

Once students solve the previous year’s question paper they can easily figure out which topic has more weightage in the board exam. They can also figure out the paper pattern and Question paper design easily through solving sample papers. After solving these papers, important topics can be listed down, and can invest their time into these more than others.

    • Pick your Weak Points First-

Many times students are advised to practice their strong points and subjects more so that they can be sure of getting full marks in those topics. But they at the same time invest extra time in unnecessary and low weightage topics. The students should work on their weak points and difficult topics so that they could gain marks in those subjects as well.

    • Take Short Breaks-

Students often ask “how many hours should I study in class 12”. They should not take unnecessary pressure and end up being ill or frustrated. With less time in hand, they should not feel anxious about the preparation or overindulge themselves into studies. Rather students should take definite short breaks while studying so that they get more done with a healthy mindset.

    • Keep the Theory for Early Morning-

The theory is not liked by a lot of students because they find it boring. They cannot study theory during the day or evening time. Theory cannot be studied in the evening because of numerous distractions. Morning is the best time to study theory as it has absolutely no distraction and the mind is also fresh and energized.

    Things to Keep in Mind to Score Good marks in exams

    • Regular practice of solving question papers motivates students to begin early revision sessions. Which definitely improves the speed of delivering answers and helps to score good marks.
    • Solving Sample or Previous question Papers enhances the comprehensive knowledge about the subject.
    • “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”, an old saying but still effective. More the practice of solving important questions will be, more students will be gaining motivation and speed of solving theories.
    • If a student fails in giving an answer, practice papers help to reconcile the whole concept and make the basics more clear.

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    Scoring good marks in the class 12 Board Exam is primitive for students as some of the colleges still consider class 12 marks for admission. To score good marks and prepare well for the examination, vidya setu has provided a proper guide through which students can get better marks without extra effort. Visit the website to join free online classes for class 12 students provided by Vidya Setu Learning.

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    FAQ- How to score good marks in Class 12 Board exams?

    Q1. How can I be a topper in class 12?

    Ans- If you will focus on the knowledge you are gaining and keep your basics clear, you can get above average marks. Although to top the exams check out tips given on this page above.

    Q2. How to manage time for study in class 12?

    Ans- Instead of trying to put more hours, you should try to be efficient and focused while working so that you can cover more in limited period of time.

    Q3. How to prepare for CBSE class 12?

    Ans- You can try these preparation tips to get better marks

    • Prepare the Timetable
    • Cover Your Syllabus Books First
    • Practice Past Exam Papers
    • Figure Out the Important Topics
    • Pick your Weak Points First
    • Take Short Breaks
    • Keep the Theory for Early Morning

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