CBSE Class 12 Economics Project Guide 2023-24

CBSE Class 12 Economics Project

Class 12 Economics Project plays an important role for commerce student’s economics Project Topics For Class 12. However, a few students would be nervous about how and what to prepare for the economics project. There are many students who hesitate to prepare the project report files, but now students need not worry, this article is a complete CBSE Class 12 Economics Project Guide for 2023-24. 

Latest Update Regarding class 12 Economics Project Work

According to CBSE’s new guidelines, students who earlier had to go to their respective schools for project submissions can now directly submit to the CBSE’s official website. Due to increasing Covid cases, CBSE is taking every possible action in view to keep the students and teachers safe. You can visit the link below to submit your class 12 projects.

Visit Link- Submission for Cbse class 12 Economics Studies Project 

The project work comprises high weightage that helps students in raising their final exams percentage. It consists of 20 Marks where ‘Relevance of the topic’ has 3 Marks, Research work has 6 marks, Presentation Technique has 3 marks, while Viva has the highest weightage of 8 marks which is based on Economics Project Topics For Class 12 and some topics to be covered in Class 12 Economics Syllabus 2023-24

CBSE Class 12 Economics Project Guidelines

Objectives of Class 12 Economics Project

The project work in economics for Class 12 aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand deeper into the theoretical concepts learned in Class.
  • Analyze and evaluate real-world economic scenarios using theoretical constructs and arguments.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of economic theory.
  • Explore areas of economics that students find interesting.
  • Develop communication skills to present logical arguments effectively.

Class 12 Economics Project Marking Scheme

Students can check the below table showing the CBSE 12th Economics Project Marking Scheme/Marks Distribution. The whole project comprises 20 Marks including all the important points to be covered in a report file including viva. 

Marks are suggested to be given as –  

S. No. SpecificationsMarks 
1. Relevance of the topic chosen 3
2. Research Work & Data6
3. Presentation Technique 3
4. Viva-voice 8
 Total 20 Marks

CBSE Class 12 Economics Project: Scope

We have provided the flow chart suggesting the scope of the economics project. Students can work on the following points one by one and you would be able to prepare the scoring report file. 

Choose a title/topic 


Collection of the research material/data


Organization of material/data 


Present material/data 


Analyzing the material/data for the conclusion 


Draw the relevant conclusion 


Presentation of the Project Work

How to Prepare the Economics Project for Class 12?

Students can follow some of the Economics Project Guidelines before starting a project report: 

  • Students can ask different topic ideas from their respective teachers.
  • Students can prepare their projects in a group taking a single topic but all students need to prepare their individual Project files.
  • While selecting a particular topic, students need to keep a few basic factors in mind:
    • Choose a relevant topic to your Class 12 Economics Syllabus.
    • Discuss your topic with your teacher and ask for the required suggestions.
    • Be aware of what you are preparing to present before the examiner.
    • Your project file should be different from other students, at least 40%. Cut short the long stories on any topic.
    • Do complete research on the topic before jumping into the preparations. Do not exaggerate the single topic. It is important to manifest everything about the title of the project work. Students are .supposed to focus on the specific features and write about them short and precise.
  • Taking proper guidance with your teachers is very essential for students to get the complete details on the chosen topic.

Best 12th Grade Economics Project Ideas

Students can select any Economics Project Topics For Class 12  and discuss them with their subject teacher. 

  • Theories of utility (Ordinal and cardinal Approach).
  • Money And Banking Class 12 Project or Central Bank’s functions with special reference to RBI.
  • 12th-grade Economics Project On Government Budget And Its Components Economics Project On Employment For Class 12.
  • The shift of India’s development parameters from agricultural to manufacturing units and service sectors over 50 years period.
  • Monopolistic competition.
  • Imperfect competition and Market failure.
  • The growth of India’s automobile sector in the last 20 years with special reference to FDI.
  • Import Substitution v/s export promotion.
  • Govt Budget Project Class 12 or Banking Sector Reforms.
  • Class 12 Economics Project On Role Of RBI In Control Of Credit.
  • Self Help Groups Project Class 12
  • Production- Returns to a factor
  • Latest topics: Economics Project On Make In India or Class 12 Economics Project On Digital India
  • Economics Project On Demonetisation For Class 12
  • Economics Project On Environment And Sustainable Development

CBSE Class 12 Economics

It is always said, to score very good marks, students should practice Class 12 Economics Sample Paper 2023-24. Students can also solve the previous year’s Economics question paper to get an idea about the format of the final exam question paper. Project work needs to be completed with authentic information and research work. Students can read Class 12 NCERT Economics Books in a PDF format.  

If students need to get the complete information about the Class 12 Economics Commerce Subject, then students can simply refer to the revised and updated Class 12 Economics Guide 2023-24. 

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Students can go through the complete CBSE Class 12 Economics Project Guide that will help them in preparing their scoring project report file. This article contains Economics Project For Class 12 PDFs, Economics Project Guidelines, Economics Project Topics For Class 12, Scope of the Economics Project, Marking Scheme, and many more. Students can also join VidyaSetu free online classes for preparations for the Economics class 12 Exams. Vidya Setu also provides the NCERT class 12 Economics solutions so that students can get all their doubts cleared. 


Q1. How to prepare for the Class 12 Economics Project?

A1. Students can refer to this Economics Project Guide to get complete information on project guidelines. 

Q2. Can we get an Economics Project For Class 12 Topic Idea from the NCERT Books?

A2. Yes, students can choose any topic from the class 12 Economics Syllabus or NCERT Book and start preparing the whole project. 

Q3. Is it compulsory to prepare CBSE Class 12 Economics Project?

A3. Yes, it is compulsory to prepare a well-researched Economics Project For the Class 12 File because it consists of a 20 Marks Project File. 

Q4: How to prepare for Economics Project Topics For Class 12 Viva-Voice?

A4: Students need to only have a well-research done on their topics chosen for the Economics Project for class 12. Examiner will ask the project topic-related questions. 

Hope, the Class 12 Economics Project Guide 2023-24 has helped you in getting the complete details on how to prepare a good project. If you have any query related to any subject, you can ask in the comment section or mail us at [email protected].