PDF of NCERT Books for Class 11 History 2023-24

class 11 history book

Under the supervision of CBSE, the NCERT publishes NCERT class 11 history book for CBSE students. Students in Class 11 must be familiar with NCERT Books for Class 11 History to prepare for their annual examinations. Students who seem to be familiar with the content of the NCERT Class 11 History Book will do well in the exam.

NCERT Class 11 History Book PDF Download

There is no reason to worry if you are a Class 11 student who does not have a print copy of your History textbook. Online access to the NCERT class 11 history book NCERT is readily accessible in PDF format. Students, teachers, parents, and anyone else who requires the NCERT book for History Class 11 can download the book in PDF format. These NCERT BOOKS are developed in line with the CBSE curriculum and guidelines.

Experts and professionals prepare class 11 history books with years of history expertise. Professionals write these books in an easy to understand language and precise format to help students grasp the content easily. The inclusion of images and illustrations in the books makes them more appealing to students.

At Vidya Setu, apart from the class 11 history book PDF, you can find PDF for other subjects of Class 11. Moreover, Vidya Set offers the solution of class 11 NCERT subjects, live classes, and other learning resources at a single platform.

Why is NCERT Class 11 History Book is Best?

NCERT books are the primary lifelines for CBSE affiliated students. As per the syllabus, these books are a must-have for other state board students in addition to CBSE schoolchildren. NCERT a self-governing organization that aims to offer the best education possible to all children.

Moreover, NCERT books are the best learning resources for all Class 11 students. After thorough research and in-depth assessment, these are compiled by highly skilled subject experts.

These textbooks serve as the foundation for students of all levels, whether elementary or secondary. These books also aid students in their preparation for various competitive examinations. So, NCERT books must be your companion for exam preparation. 

Tips on Studying Class 11 History

Make flashcards of essential terms, people, and time frames.

Making flashcards will make you more likely to refer to them frequently than you might otherwise, and it could result in you remembering the concepts better. As a result, make a point of writing down all of the essential dates in flashcards. If you’re a creative type, you could also make it colourful. Make sure that you don’t put most of the time into preparing the flashcard, as this will leave you with less time to prepare. 

Thoroughly prepare using the class 11 history book. 

Read aloud While Reading the Text. 

By reading aloud, you engage multiple senses to receive the same concept. The likelihood of retention increases exponentially in this manner.

Make Your Notes 

By learning from your notes (rather than those provided by your school or tuition instructor), you guarantee that the emphasis is on the ideas in which you are weak. That way, you can ensure that you are equally familiar with all of the topics on your curriculum and score well. Another benefit of making your notes would be that you learn the subject more than once during the procedure.

To help you remember facts, use mnemonics.

Every person remembers things in their way, which is why it is a good idea to come up with your mnemonics when it arrives in memorizing facts. Moreover, it is critical to respond to the history question or sample paper in the appropriate chronological order. Using mnemonics will make sure you remember the information in the proper order.

Familiarize Yourself with the Exam Format 

You can prepare for your exam by reviewing the previous year’s question papers. So, you won’t waste time in the exam hall determining how to approach answering that question. You will be better prepared to deal with the exam papers by practising previous year’s questions.

Take Practice Tests

In history exams, it is common to see students unable to finish the question paper and assume that it was ‘too lengthy.’ Typically, this is not the situation. Most students struggle to complete their history papers since they lack time management skills. Moreover, to deal with this issue, ensure to take a lot of practice tests. That way, you won’t have to abandon unanswered questions (the answers you are well informed of).

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Students need to refer NCERT class 11 history book for the best preparation for their school examinations and other competitive examinations. Students can find the download links at Vidya Setu and also refer to other study materials by Vidya Setu.