CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Online Classes and VIdeo Lectures



Hi! Let Us Know why CBSE class 11 chemistry is so important for Commerce Students.

CBSE class 11 is a beginning stage for every student to excel in their career in their respective fields. Class 11 chemistry is a very important subject for chemistry students. Students looking to score good grades in chemistry must download CBSE class 11 chemistry revision notes for each chapter from Vidya Setu. The revision notes of CBSE class 11 chemistry provided by Vidya Setu are sketched to follow revised CBSE Board guidelines.  

Some important points focus on why CBSE class 11 Chemistry is essential for students. 

  • Chemistry develops an understanding among students related to all chemical equations.
  • Chemistry helps students to deal with chemical reactions, atoms, molecules, etc. 
  • Chemistry helps candidates to think critically about chemical reactions.
  • Candidates have to opt for chemistry with both physics and biology.

CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus

Unit No.ChaptersMarks
1Some basic concepts of chemistry11
2Structure of atom
3Classification of elements and periodicity in properties4
4Chemical bonding and molecular structure21
5States of matter: gases and liquids
6Chemical thermodynamics
8Redox reaction16
10S- block elements
11Some p- block elements
12Organic chemistry: some basic principles and techniques18

CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Revision Notes – Chapterwise

What you will learn?

  • Helps candidates in learning the basics of chemistry.
  • Helps students in learning chemical quantitative and qualitative insights. 
  • CBSE class 11 chemistry helps candidates to learn the chemical reactions and equations. 
  • You will learn the fundamental concepts of chemical equations.
  • How to deal with the chemical numerical equation.

Who is this course for?

  • For class 11 students who have opted for science after class 10th.
  • Who wants to have a clear and conceptual understanding of chemical equations.
  • Who wants to prepare for the exams in an easy way.
  • Who wants to learn the fundamentals of chemical concepts. 

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