CBSE Sample Paper Physics class 11 2023 with Solutions Download

CBSE Sample Paper Physics

Sample Paper Physics Class 11 is highly in demand among students of class 11th. Sample papers are mocked question papers that help to practice. The sample paper is assumed to be in the same pattern and format as the real question paper. Whenever a set of chapters are finished reading, it is advisable to go through a few sample papers and acknowledge aptitude regarding the topics. At the same time, it is important to solve the questions in the most explicit way. 

Students can easily download the pdf files of the CBSE Sample paper for class 11 Physics in  4 sets exclusively curated by our experienced teachers. The Class 11 Physics Sample Papers with solutions from Vidyasetu will help to score good marks in half-yearly exams and final exams. Students are advised to download CBSE guess papers for class 11 along with the marking scheme and go through both to gain higher marks. Students can also go through the CBSE Class 12 Physics Solutions and class 12 physics syllabus in case of any doubt or for future reference. 

Download CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 Physics

Class 11th students who have opted for the science stream need to choose physics as a compulsory subject. This subject will help students to have a strong understanding of the use of SI units, the nomenclature of physical quantities, their symbols, and formulations as per international standards. Students will be able to provide logical sequencing of units of the subject matter. CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Physics helps students in understanding their own preparation so far and will be able to work more on time management if they are unable to complete the sample paper physics class 11 on time. You can also find CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Year-wise on this page.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Sample Paper 2021- General Instructions:
The question paper comprises five sections – A, B, C, D, and E. 
(ii) There are 27 questions in the question paper. All questions are compulsory. 
(iii) Section A question number 1 to 5 are multiple-choice carrying one mark each. 
(iv) Section B question numbers 6 to 12 are short answer type – I questions carrying two marks each.
(v) Section C questions number 13 to 21 are short answer questions type-II. carrying three marks each. 
(vi) Section D question number 22 to 24 are short answer questions type-III, carrying three marks each. 
(vii) Section E question number 25 to 27 are long answer questions, carrying five marks each.
(viii) Answers should be brief and to the point also the above word limit is adhered to as far as possible. 
(ix) There is no overall choice in the question paper. However, an internal choice has been provided in two questions of 1 mark, one question of 2 marks, two questions of 3 marks, and three questions of 5 marks questions. Only one of the choices in such questions has to be attempted.
(x) The diagram drawn should be neat proportionate and properly labeled, wherever necessary.
(xi) In addition to this, separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary.

Sample Paper for CBSE class XI physics set 1

Sample Paper for CBSE class 11 physics set 2

Sample Paper for CBSE class 11 physics set 3

CBSE Class 11 Model Question Papers 2021

Download CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Year wise

CBSE board class 11th Physics exam will be conducted in April 2021. The CBSE physics paper will be for 70 marks and the time allotted to complete the paper is 3 hours the remaining 30 marks are awarded as per practical work. CBSE class 11 physics sample paper for the previous year will also help students as they can practice these sample papers and at the same time can help students in understanding where they lack knowledge and learning. 

Vidyasetu Sample Papers for 2021

Students who have to appear for the class 11th half yearly exam and final exam 2021 must start their preparation now, as time is fleeting very fast. The subject they opt-in  Class 11th continues in class 12th. Hence it is very crucial for every student to have a clear understanding of the chapters in CBSE class 11th itself.

The year 2020  has been challenging both for teachers and students. To overcome the spread of pandemic Covid-19 disease, the school and colleges have been providing online classes to all their students. Students continually struggled with low internet speed, power cuts, and unnecessary distraction while relay online classes. This ultimately resulted in chaos and left students incompetent and unprepared. This is where Vidyasetu comes in. 

Vidyasetu is a virtual educational bridge between learners and the learning process. This year we are your Vidya Setu or learning carrier in providing the best study material, updated syllabus, updated books, best video lectures, live sessions, class 11 sample papers for march 2021 exams.

We are a free online library for Class XI and XII students. In the 21st learning era, where conceptual understanding is a must, we provide free video classes on youtube by the best faculties. These classes explain each chapter in such a manner that the students develop a deep understanding of every single topic in the coming syllabus. 

The sample papers provided here are curated by our experts to cover the entire CBSE updated syllabus and are best for practice. We have focused only on NCERT books as prescribed by CBSE. 

We keenly follow the latest updates and amendments on the syllabus, study material, exam dates issued by central boards and state boards and are first to deliver them to you. 

By solving the CBSE class 11th physics sample paper 2020-2021 or CBSE Model Question Papers Physics students can 

  • Check their preparation level for the upcoming Physics exam.
  • Sample papers will provide better insight into the CBSE question paper design and marking pattern.
  • Students can enrich their writing skills, and get familiar with the answer writing method.
  • Students need to understand how many words they need to answer the questions according to the marks allocation.

CBSE board has made some major changes in the exam pattern this year. So, before looking towards the CBSE class 11th Physics sample paper 2020, let’s focus on the marking scheme of the latest the year 2021 Sample Paper for Class 11 Physics.

  • More Number of Objective Type Questions- This year CBSE has increased the objective questions. Out of 70 marks paper, only 60 marks will be allotted to subjective questions. There will be more MCQs. This year, the CBSE board has focused on lessening the burden of lengthy papers in exams. Now, Students can score high in their CBSE class 11 physics exam 2021.
  • Increased Number of Internal Choices- CBSE board has increased the number of internal choices by 33%. Students will have the option to select the question for which they are more confident. Henceforth, this will lead to scoring more in the CBSE class 11 exams.
Students should avoid those deleted topics and primarily focus on the 1,2,3,4,5 chapters and 9,10,11,12,13 chapters to secure some good marks.  

  • The XI class student should focus on the entire syllabus of the Physics paper.
  • They should have a clear and conceptual understanding of all the topics.
  • They should practice more problems and exercises to create a better understanding
  • Can evaluate the performance and then accordingly plan their timetable
  • Students’ project work will be assessed on analytical comprehension and presentation skills.

When To Solve CBSE Physics Class 11th Sample papers 2020-2021

Solving sample papers periodically is the best strategy to prepare for the exams. It is important to solve the sample paper at the right time. A sample paper should be considered as an instrument for practice. Whenever students finish reading the chapters and create an understanding of them, it is the best time to solve some questions of sample papers.  After solving these questions either students will be more confident about understanding or will know about weakness.

Why Solving CBSE Sample Paper Class 11 is the best strategy?

Solving sample papers is a successful study pattern for students. After solving the sample paper students are: 

  • More confident about conceptual understanding.
  • Will timely revise the entire syllabus
  • Will understand the marking scheme and pattern of the question paper.
  • Can evaluate the performance and then accordingly plan their timetable
  • It can help with time management and also support speed building.

To cope with the current scenario. CBSE has reduced the curriculum by 30%. The idea behind the revised syllabus is to allow students to cover the main topics in this adversity. The students should also remember that the reduction is only for the 2020-2021 exam curriculum. 

Books for Physics  Subjects:

CBSE prescribed the following books to prepare for the physics theoretical syllabus and practical syllabus. 

You can visit Cbse Class 11 Books to get physics NCERT books online.

Prescribed Books: 

  • Physics Part-I, Textbook for Class XI, Published by NCERT
  • Physics Part-II, Textbook for Class XI, Published by NCERT
  • Laboratory Manual of Physics, Class XI Published by NCERT
  • The list of other related books and manuals brought out by NCERT (consider multimedia also)

Take Away of the blog

This blog serves you with the latest sample papers for CBSE class 12th Physics subjects. Students should go through the entire physics syllabus once and answer sample papers in sets. Periodic assessment through sample paper is the best strategy. Before answering the questions in the sample paper it is important that students go through the general instruction mentioned on the question paper. General Instructions will help to understand how to solve the question paper.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Where can I find a full solution for the 2021 sample paper of physics?

Ans- The sample paper physics class 11 is not prescribed by CBSE although there are various publications providing Accurate and trustworthy sample papers from our website right away. The solutions for the same are available on the page above.

Q2. Where to look for physics sample paper?

Ans- CBSE does not prescribe any sample paper for class 11 although various publications publish sample paper physics class 11 and can be found on their respective websites.

Q3. How and from where can I find the CBSE Class 11 Physics Sample Paper 2021 for practice?

Ans- The CBSE class 11 Physics Sample paper can be found on this website with the solution and marking scheme.