9 Best Career Options After 12th In India

Career options after 12th

Which are the Best Career options after 12th? The question or thought that arises in every mind of 11th and 12th students.

Some students have preferred career options, but some cannot choose their career options. However, for them choosing the right career option is a must.

Additionally, one should select the career options as per their interest but don’t comprise the salary. To become a successful person, a high salary is significant.

Further, check the career options after 12th Commerce, Science and arts. Students must keep their interests in mind while choosing the best career options. So, now let’s check out the list of the best career options.

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Best Career Options After 12th Commerce

1. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant or the CA Course is the most sought Course for commerce students after 12th. The CA Course is owned by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. However, once you become CA, many career opportunities are open for you.
Further, you can be a Tax consultant, Financial officer, advisor, or auditor. Furthermore, the CA gets jobs in high corporate firms, and the CA is the only person who can audit the company’s financial statements.
Additionally, the total CA Course fee for five years is Rs.87,300. This only includes the fees for registration and examination forms. However, the coaching fee and the tuition classes fee are not included. The CA Salary in India is 6-7 Lakhs for freshers.

2. Bachelor in Economics

Bachelor’s in economics is also one of the options after class 12th commerce. This course provides practical knowledge about various economic policies, theories, concepts, programs etc. However, if you are serious about your studies, you can also become an IAS officer, and this Course will be a valuable addition to you. Moreover, the students looking forward to their career in economics can pursue this Course.

3. CMA

CMA, the entire form is Certified Management accounting. This is another good career option after the 12th. ICWAI regulates the Course. Similarly to CA, this Course has the same structure, i.e. Foundation, Intermediate and Final.

However, the role of the CMA is to audit, maintain the cost records, and plan and control the cost of the product. It comes among the career options which pay a high salary.

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Best Career Options after 12th Science

4. Medical

Medical is one of the most prefered career options for 12th Biology students; they study Physics, chemistry and biology as their main subjects.
Moreover, the medical field covers various options for students. It covers everything in the diagnosis, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotech industry. Some medical professions include Professor, MBBS, Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, and nursing.
Furthermore, choosing medicine as your field is the best terms to earn money. Doctors make more money than any profession in the country.

5. Engineering

Engineering is considered the other most preferable option for science students. These students have to study, Chemistry, Physics and Maths as their main subjects in class 12th. Furthermore, Engineering offers various career opportunities like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Marine Engineering and many more.

However, if the student opts for this degree from good colleges like IIT and Tier 1 Colleges, they earn a salary up to 10-12 Lakhs.

6. Architecture

Architecture is also another good choice after the 12th. To become an architect, one has to undergo five years degree program B.arch after 12th with math.

Architecture is one of the professions that can earn a good amount of money from various projects. The involvement of architecture is in every phase of construction and project. However, they can be involved with any company or start their firm after a few years of field experience.

Best Career Options After 12th Arts

7. Defence

Defence is one of the best career options for 12th arts students. The career option must be chosen by students who want to serve their nation and live less ordinary lives.

However, people with the arts and maths in the class 12th are eligible for the Indian Army. Further, to learn more about NDA, visit the official website of defence.

8. Bachelors of Art – Law

A (BA LLB) is another good career option for 12th arts students. This is a five-year integrated course of law, and humanities, allowing students to study sociology, criminology, history, administrative law, family law and much more

9. Bachelors in Designing

There are a lot of design courses available for the students after 12. If you are interested in drawing and sketching and have a sense of colours, this is the best option for you. Designing courses include Fashion Designing, Jewellery Designing, Interior, etc.


The above article suggests you the best career options after the 12th. Choose the best option as per your interest and the one which provides you with a high salary. Go ahead, take the right decision, and all the best for your future.